Nationals Host Considerations

School is out, and it’s warm outside so you know that means voting for the host school of the NCDA Nationals 2019 is coming soon. As a board, we would like to send out some suggestions for you to take into consideration when making your decision.  Continue reading “Nationals Host Considerations”

2018 National Champions – GVSU

RICHMOND – Siegel Center, E.J. Wade Arena, at Nationals 2018:
GVSU def CMU 6-1 in the 2018 Championship match.

Grand Valley State University Club Dodgeball is the National Champion for the 2018 college dodgeball season. At the conclusion of the 59 match event, the Director of Nationals, Hunter Ford [VCU, #4-C], along with the rest of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association Executive Board, presented the Championship trophy to Brandon Meisel, GV Captain on Sunday afternoon.  Continue reading “2018 National Champions – GVSU”

Nationals 2018

RICHMOND – Siegel Center: In the first day of Nationals 2018,

VCU def UWP 5-0
Kent def SVSU 2-1
UCF def NSU 8-1
CSU def GSU 4-1
UK def DePaul 4-1
UVA def UNG 2-1

CMU def JMU 2-1
Akron def UMD 2-1
GVSU def OSU 5-1
BGSU def PSU 4-3 OT
Miami def UNL 4-1
Towson def MSU 3-2

UK def Miami 3-2
VCU def SVSU 3-2 OT
Kent def UCF 5-1
UMD def NSU 7-0
CMU def CSU 4-0
UVA def GSU 3-1

GVSU def Towson 3-0
BGSU def JMU 2-1
Akron def UNG 2-1
OSU def UWP 2-1
DePaul def UCF 4-3 OT
Kent def UK 2-1

MSU def PSU 3-2 OT
OSU def UNL 3-1
GVSU def Akron 1-0
CSU def NSU 7-0
SVSU def UVA 4-0
CMU def GSU 5-1

Miami def PSU 3-2
VCU def DePaul 4-0
Towson def UWP 4-0
JMU def UNG 5-0
MSU def UNL 5-1
BGSU def UMD 2-1

Nationals 2018 Schedule

Officiating Assignments may be viewed on the G-Sheet. Saturday and Sunday schedules are presented below.

Nationals 2018: Saturday
7:30 AM Doors Open, Siegel Center
8:00 AM Teams Check-In
8:45 AM Anthem
8:55 AM Ladies’ Match
9:25 AM All Star Game
9:55 AM League Picture
10:15 AM Queue 1
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) UWP VCU
District 5 Court (2) SVSU Kent
Richmond Region Tourism (3) UCF NSU
Court 4 GSU CSU
Court 5 UK DePaul
Court 6 UNG UVA
11:25 AM Queue 2
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) CMU JMU
District 5 Court (2) UMD Akron
Richmond Region Tourism (3) GVSU OSU
Court 4 BGSU PSU
Court 5 Miami UNL
Court 6 Towson MSU
12:40 PM Queue 3
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) UK Miami
District 5 Court (2) SVSU VCU
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Kent UCF
Court 4 UMD NSU
Court 5 CMU CSU
Court 6 GSU UVA
1:50 PM Queue 4
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) GVSU Towson
District 5 Court (2) JMU BGSU
Richmond Region Tourism (3) UNG Akron
Court 4 UWP OSU
Court 5 DePaul UCF
Court 6 Kent UK
3:05 PM Queue 5
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) MSU PSU
District 5 Court (2) OSU UNL
Richmond Region Tourism (3) GVSU Akron
Court 4 CSU NSU
Court 5 SVSU UVA
Court 6 CMU GSU
4:15 PM Queue 6
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Miami PSU
District 5 Court (2) VCU DePaul
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Towson UWP
Court 4 JMU UNG
Court 5 MSU UNL
Court 6 BGSU UMD
5:45 PM Capt Meeting Begins
6:45 PM Capt Meeting Ends
7:00 PM eBoard Meeting Begin
7:30 PM eBoard Meeting Ends
7:45 PM Leave Siegel Center

Live Saturday Updates on the Records Tab.

2018 Wes Hopkins Fastest Arm Contest, sponsored by District 5 and presented by the DePaul Dodgeball Society, may be a floating event during the first queues of Saturday. We may be gathering results from players before the start of their games, and during halftimes during Queues 1, 2 and 3. Any players that would like to be clocked in should find Zig.

Nationals 2018: Sunday
8:00 AM Doors Open Siegel Center
8:30 AM Anthem
8:45 AM Sedenary Play-In Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game P 16v17
District 5 Court (2) Game T 15v18
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game R 13v21
Court 4 Game V 14v19
Court 5 Aleks Bomis Alumni/Staff Game
Court 6
10:00 AM Sedenary Play-In & Octonary Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game S 12v21
District 5 Court (2) Game W 11v22
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game U 10v23
Court 4 Game Q 9v24
Court 5 Game H 1vP
Court 6 Game L 2vT
11:45 AM Octonary Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game O 6vW
District 5 Court (2) Game N 3vV
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game M 7vU
Court 4 Game K 5vS
Court 5 Game J 4vR
Court 6 Game I 8vQ
1:00 PM Quaternary Finals
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game G NvO
District 5 Court (2) Game F LvM
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game E JvK
Court 6 Game D HvI
2:45 PM Binary Finals
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game C FvG
District 5 Court (2) Game B DvE
4:00 PM The Ship
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game A BvC
5:15 PM Trophy
Savage Apparel Co Court (1)

Live Sunday Bracket Updates on the Tournament Schedule tab.

Nationals 2018 Designs

Presenting the Nationals 2018 Event Logo:

Just like every year, we had a bunch of great concepts for the event logo and related designs. VCU will have some solid concepts for future team apparel, for sure. For the final design, I channeled one of my favorite all time Nationals designs, Nationals 2014 at OSU. Slapping some nice text on the shape of the State outline appears to be a winning formula. By the way, the State of Virginia has a ton of awesome little nooks along their state border and I am more familiar with them than ought to be. Each a cool story. Mostly just people not being able to survey straight along a latitude.  Continue reading “Nationals 2018 Designs”

2018 All Star Game Draft

2018 All Star Game Draft presented by SAVAGE Apparel Co.

Peep the official first look at the Ladies’ Match design at 51:10.

For Nationals 2018, there will be 4 All-Star teams competing in a single-elimination tournament, each game will be a one point sudden-death match. Team captains drafted their picks snake-style. Congrats to our four captains for the 2018 College Dodgeball All Star Game:

  • Alex Jonauskas (GVSU)
  • Torao Ota (VCU)
  • Colby Briceland (Akron)
  • Grant Webber (CMU)

Your host was Hunter Ford (VCU), Director of Nationals

Over the following week and building off Torao Ota’s player logo, we’ll be releasing player logos for each of our All Star Captains as well as the designs for the All Star Jerseys provided by SAVAGE Apparel. See them first on the League’s instagram!

Continue reading “2018 All Star Game Draft”

Bold Nationals 2018 Predictions

In the spirit of March Madness, and with Nationals 2018 approaching soon, myself and other members of the content team have decided to put together some of our bold predictions for Nationals 2018.  While Nationals has traditionally been dominated by a select few teams, there is a lot of reason to believe this year could be different with one of the largest and most talented fields in league history.  I’ve provided each member’s predictions, as well as my personal brief summary of their predictions.  Some predictions are bold, some are not, and others are just downright foolish…or so it seems.  Let’s have a look.

Continue reading “Bold Nationals 2018 Predictions”

Nationals 2018 All-Star Announcement

The annual NCDA All-Star Game takes place at Nationals, which this year will be held at Virginia Commonwealth University.

This year, the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association will be changing the format for the annual All-Star Game. For Nationals 2018, there will be 4 All-Star teams competing in a single-elimination tournament, each game will be a one point sudden-death match.

How will the four teams be determined? That is another big change for 2018. This year, we will have four player-captains to draft the All-Star Teams.  These four captains will be selected in a unique way.

Continue reading “Nationals 2018 All-Star Announcement”

District 5 Becomes the Official Dinner Sponsor for Nationals 2018

District 5 has partnered with the NCDA to help sponsor Nationals 2018 in Richmond, VA.  The local restaurant has been a popular spot in the Richmond area for years and will be an excellent place for teams to gather Friday and Saturday night.  They will also be sponsoring a court and be the official sponsors for the annual Fastest Arm Competition.  All current and former NCDA members will be welcome to attend anytime throughout the weekend.  You can find their website here to learn more details about their restaurant.

Nationals 2018 Updates: Hotels

As we continue to count down the days until the 2017-18 season, I wanted to take the time to provide updates on the progress made towards Nationals 2018.  As Director of Nationals for next season I will put forth the best effort in ensuring we have an event that runs well and continues to improve what is the staple event of the NCDA.

One of the first things I wanted to accomplish was securing group rates at some of the hotels in the area for players, alumni, and fans.  This will help guarantee high quality rooms for the NCDA at affordable prices.  Below are the details for hotels where we currently have.  This list will continue to be updated as more deals are finished.  Continue reading “Nationals 2018 Updates: Hotels”

Nationals 2018 Host Vote Results

ROSEMONT – Office of the Director of Officiating (and Records): The Dodgeball Club at Virginia Commonwealth University will play host for Nationals 2018 in Richmond, Virginia on April 20-22, 2018.

This was a preferential election. Each Member Team submitted a ballot ranking the candidates by preference. 16 votes dictated a quorum for our current total of 32 teams. The votes were transferred in a instant runoff format until the most preferred candidate won a majority. 30 ballots were received, giving a threshold to win as 16 votes.

VCU was the most preferred candidate, winning in the third round of counting by just two votes (16 to JMU’s 14). Akron (9 votes) was defeated in the second round, and PSU/NIU (3, 2 votes) were defeated in the first round.

Candidate 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Akron 6 5 6 8 5
NIU 3 2 4 4 15
VCU [winner] 8 10 6 2 4
JMU 11 5 6 6 2
PSU 2 8 8 9 2

Please view the preferential Election counts output for the full detail on on how the votes were counted and transferred via the preferential voting format.

Nationals 2018 Host Bids

Following the NCDA’s voting policy, the vote will be preferential. Teams will submit their ballot by ranking each school in order of their preference and email this ballot to the League. The most preferred school will host Nationals 2018. For Nationals 2018, there are five schools placing a bid to host:
Akron, NIU, VCU, JMU, PSU.

Voting will run from May 1st to May 6th, or will end early if each Member Team casts a ballot by email to

Example Ballot

1. Delta
2. Oakland
3. Marshall
4. K-State
5. UofL

Member Player Representation

Member Teams are left to their own devices to determine their preferences. However, some teams in the past like to run their own mini-preferential election within the team. Some may have each officer submit a preferential ballot. Some have their entire club membership vote. Let me me know if you would like this. I can count those in our voting program and deliver your team’s preferential ballot through that process.

* Candidates are presented in a randomized order.

Continue reading “Nationals 2018 Host Bids”