Nationals 2015 Preview #1

10891568_10153061471740972_7448666028323906080_nThe National Collegiate Dodgeball Association’s biggest event every season is the National Tournament.  This year’s Nationals will be held at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Nationals may still be three months away, but I have had the opportunity to talk with Nick Johnson, the Director of Nationals, and he has given some insight to what he expects to be the best Nationals in the NCDA history.

I’ll be working with Nick to present some preview post periodically the next few months, giving some interesting information about this year’s Nationals in each post.  So here is the “Nationals 2015 Preview #1”:

  •  This will be the second Nationals held at WKU.  The first was in the spring of 2011.mq1
  • WKU plans to have a separate room set aside as a players only room.  This will allow all the athletes a safe place to store their bags, other items during the tournament.  There will be a staff member monitoring the room at all times, to make sure no items are stolen.
  • As Nick Johnson stated earlier this week, WKU has worked out a deal to provide each team 7 pizzas during Nationals, to help decrease the meal cost for teams.
  • In addition to the pizza, WKU will provide teams with snack like fruit, granola bars, and Gatorade/Powerade located in the designated “players’ room”.
  • In terms of the t-shirts provided at Nationals, each team will be given 20 of the official Nationals 2015 shirts upon arrival at WKU, with the option to purchase more for fans at a cost of $5 per shirt.
  • There will be a separate shirt design provided for the “Ladies’ Match”, and of course for the All-Star Game (more details on this in the next preview post).
  • One more thing that Nick Johnson plans to add to this year’s Nationals is that the winning team will get “Nationals Championship” shirts right after the final game.  The shirts will be printed in advance and ready to be handed out when the champion is determined on Sunday of Nationals.
  • For more info on Nationals, check out the event page on Facebook here:

*Check back next week for information on this year’s All-Star Match, which will have a much different format than what you may have seen the past few years.

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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