Ranking the Regions

As many of you know, the college football season came to a close last night with Ohio State defeating Oregon for the national championship.  This was the first championship game that hadn’t involved at least one team from the Southeastern Conference (SEC) since January 2006 when Texas beat USC for the title.

With the SEC failing to produce a championship caliber team, and teams from other conferences emerging, some experts are claiming that the SEC’s reign as the dominant conference in college football is coming to a close.

I won’t go so far to say the same is happening in college dodgeball, but for anyone curious, here is how the “regions” stack up when scored like a cross country race: (runners are scored based on the place they finish, with the team’s score determined by the sum of the places for their top five runners.  In this case I only scored the top four for each region.) *note- only the top 21 teams are ranked because only 21 teams have played in games this season, so if a region had their fourth team not in the top 21, that team was given 22nd place by default.

Region Rankings:

Region Places Total Points Earned
1 Michigan 1,2,3,10 16
2 East Coast 4,6,8,11 29
3 Ohio 5,7,18,18 48
4 Kentucky 12,13,14,22 61
5 Illinois 9,16,18,22 65

These rankings were based off the NHL system standings found here: http://ncdadodgeball.com/?page_id=650

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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