Executive Board Meeting Notes Jan 2015

Executive Board Meeting 2015-01-15
All Directors in attendance over Google Hangouts.
Called to order 11:10pm Central, end 12:10am. 

Orders of business:

  1. Treasurer: Membership Fee count. We’ve contacted every team that needs to pay except NSULA. All late fees have been applied and the teams are aware and in good communication with the League on getting their dues in.
  2. Treasurer: Budget breakdown. Current budget amount, including fees already obtained and deposited.
  3. Treasurer: Use of funds: We are legally barred from purchasing dodgeballs for resale, or purchasing shirts for resale, but we can use it for services. This includes payment of the development team and official, or buying cameras to be used as a rolling inventory for events.
  4. President: Update on Development Team: repo is up and running, a hard deadline for the NCDA Ranking Algorithm is set for March 15. Only one person on staff. And one project manager. We must outreach to the community to acheive our goals.
  5. Director of Nationals: Status update of Nationals Planning Committee. Hunter is learning the trade, Nick is on top of things, Raymer is helping organize. An epic has been set up in Pivotal to manage the needed stories of the event.
  6. Director of Nationals: Hotel deal has a deadline set for Jan 31st. Should be locked down by the 28th. Head Referees and other major officials will need to pass NCDA certifcation in order to officiate.
  7. Director of Nationals: Proposal to the board for using a voting board as part of the seed placing in the Nationals Championship bracket, coupled with the Ranking Algorithm. Further report requested.
  8. Director of League Expansion: New developments. Much progress was made at the beggining of the year. Director was tasked with following up on previous contacts.
  9. President: Is anyone available to come to the CDO on Super Bowl Weekend? GVSU is going, it’s Directors may have an in person meeting. Treasurer may attend. {Country Boy in the big city}
  10. President: How many hours has the Directors been putting into NCDA work on average? The consititution is set for a working average of 8 hours per week. Differnt points in the season have directors being involved at different levels of activity. Chief of Content has a consistent activity schedule.
  11. Chief of Content: Google Analytics installed. Also, it is important to keep up articles that are about 200-500 words, published 1-2 times a week. This is imporant for SEO and League Expansion.
  12. President: Constitution and Job Descriptions, Individual meetings will be held with the Directors to refine the definition of the descriptions. Constitution needs finishing!

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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