Mid-Season Recap: South Region

The fall semester was a great success for the South Region. With two brand new teams competing, it is safe to say southern dodgeball is #back. Here is my full recap of everything you need to know.

By Ethan Lehmkuhl (OSU)


  1. North Georgia
  2. Georgia Southern
  3. Ole Miss
  4. Kentucky
  5. Northern Kentucky

North Georgia has been dominant this semester, posting a 4-0 record. The Nighthawks will potentially be without star player Alex Philips due to graduation, so only time will tell if they can maintain their top spot in the South Region without him.

Georgia Southern and Ole Miss are both looking to improve with more tournament experience. If they can get full rosters to trophied events in the spring, it wouldn’t shock me to see these teams make some noise.

Kentucky has yet to play a game this season, leaving their level of play and any outlook for the rest of the year up in the air.

Despite being last in the standings, NKU has gained valuable inter-region experience. The Norse have played the most games out of any team in the region, and have not played against any other South Region teams. As they plan to play host to the South Region Dodgeball Cup, it is not a stretch to say they would be the favorites to win it in their inaugural season.

Top Rivalry

The most notable rivalry in the South Region is between UNG and GSU, and this is due to multiple factors. While the lack of other established rivalries is certainly there, I wouldn’t let it take away from the history between these two teams. Being the only two teams in the state of Georgia at the moment, it is always a battle when they take the court. Currently, North Georgia has the edge, holding a win in the two schools’ only meeting this season.

Regional Cup Prediction

My regional cup prediction for the South is UNG vs NKU. It’s almost impossible to pick a winner out of this matchup, as the two teams have never played against each other before. With that being said, several advantages lie in NKU’s favor. As mentioned, NKU will be playing host to the Southern Dodgeball Cup. They also will have veteran leadership from coach Wes Peters. While tournament experience and leadership will play a factor, I am certainly not writing anyone off. If veteran Alex Philips is able to return for UNG, the odds could swing right back to the Nighthawks.

All South Team

The following list was compiled by captains and coaches from UNG, GSU, and NKU. It is based on play through the fall semester, with each team’s individual list being weighed into this final list. I expect this list to be volatile, with the final All-Region team largely being determined at the Southern Dodgeball Cup and nationals.

  1. Alex Philips (UNG)
  2. Thomas Smith (GSU)
  3. Will Strong (NKU)
  4. Blake Sanders (Ole Miss)
  5. Landon Randolph (Ole Miss)
  6. TJ Gilkey (NKU)
  7. Samuel Martinez (UNG)
  8. John Adams (UNG)
  9. Pryce Bell (Ole Miss)
  10. Jacob Fleck (NKU)
  11. Sahara Wiles-Koehler (Ole Miss)
  12. Ben Ciarletta (GSU)

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