WDBF Dodgeball World Championships

TORONTO – Markham Pan Am Center: In the Dodgeball World Championships for the World Dodgeball Federation, here are the full results. 

USA def MEX 11-0 (W)
AUS def LEAF 14-2 (W)
MYS def HKG 10-2 (W)
CAN def ITA 15-0 (W)
AUS def HKG 11-3 (M)
MYS def LEAF 7-6 (M)
CAN def MEX 13-1 (M)
USA def ITA 16-4 (M)
AUS def ITA 15-0 (W)
USA def HKG 11-5 (W)
MYS def MEX 11-2 (W)
CAN def LEAF 10-3 (W)
MYS def ITA 15-1 (M)
AUS def MEX 6-3 (M)
CAN def HKG 13-5 (M)
USA def LEAF 11-5 (M)
CAN def AUS 9-8 (W)
USA def MYS 10-2 (W)
LEAF def ITA 13-2 (W)
HKG def MEX 13-1 (W)
CAN def USA 9-8 (M)
LEAF def HKG 11-7 (M)
MYS def AUS 6-5 (M)
MEX def ITA 12-1 (M)

AUS def HKG 11-5 (W)
MYS def LEAF 8-5 (W)
CAN def MEX 13-1 (W)
USA def ITA 13-3 (W)
USA def HKG 16-2 (M)
MYS def MEX 9-1 (M)
AUS def ITA 11-1 (M)
CAN def LEAF 12-5 (M)
MYS def ITA 11-3 (W)
LEAF def USA 8-6 (W)
CAN def HKG 12-6 (W)
AUS def MEX 11-0 (W)
USA def MEX 14-4 (M)
CAN def ITA 17-2 (M)
AUS def LEAF 10-3 (M)
MYS def HKG 13-3 (M)
CAN def MYS 8-7 (W)
AUS def USA 9-8 (W)
HKG def ITA 16-3 (W)
LEAF def MEX 11-1 (W)
MYS def CAN 10-4 (M)
HKG def ITA 9-8 (M)
LEAF def MEX 9-3 (M)
USA def AUS 7-4 (M)
USA def CAN 9-5 (W)
AUS def MYS 8-5 (W)
MEX def ITA 5-4 (W)
LEAF def HKG 11-7 (W)
AUS def CAN 9-5 (M)
MYS def USA 8-5 (M)
LEAF def ITA 11-5 (M)
MEX def HKG 7-5 (M)

2017-10-20 Semi Finals
MYS def USA 7-6 OT(W)
MYS def AUS 7-5 (M)
AUS def CAN 11-5 (W)
CAN def USA 10-9 OT (M)

2017-10-21 Medalist Finals
W Bronze USA def CAN 8-7 OT (W)
M Bronze AUS def USA 8-7 OT (M)
W Gold: MYS def AUS 7-5 (W)
M Gold: MYS def CAN 8-6 (M)

WDBF Medalists

Women’s Gold: Malaysia
Women’s Silver: Australia
Women’s Bronze: United States
4th: Canada

Men’s Gold: Malaysia
Men’s Silver: Canada
Men’s Bronze: Australia
4th: United States

*Overtime games noted only from direct observation, and loosely applied based on interpretation of WDBF ruleset and the commentators. More OT could have occurred; WDBF did not designate OT in their box scores.
Possible OTs could happen whenever there is a 1 point differential. The following games should be looked into to see if an OT modifier could be applied for future statistical use.

2017-10-18 MYS def LEAF 7-6 (M)
2017-10-18 CAN def AUS 9-8 (W)
2017-10-18 CAN def USA 9-8 (M)
2017-10-18 MYS def AUS 6-5 (M)
2017-10-19 CAN def MYS 8-7 (W)
2017-10-19 AUS def USA 9-8 (W)
2017-10-19 HKG def ITA 9-8 (M)
2017-10-19 MEX def ITA 5-4 (W)
2017-10-20 MYS def USA 7-6 OT (W)
2017-10-20 CAN def USA 10-9 OT (M)
2017-10-21 USA def CAN 8-7 OT (W)
2017-10-21 AUS def USA 8-7 OT (M)

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DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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