Platteville Supertastic

PLATTEVILLE, WI – Williams: In the Platteville Supertastic Dodgeball to Your Face Kiss Your Butt Goodbye Explosionfest Invitational,

UWP-JV def SIUE 4-2
UWP-JV ties DePaul 2-2
UWP def DePaul 6-1
DePaul def SIUE 3-1 (inducting)
UWP def SIUE 6-0

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville joins the NCDA in induction matches against DePaul and UWP.

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Pink Out 3

AKRON – Goodyear: In the third Pink Out,
PSU def VCU 3-2 OT
BGSU def BW 5-1
CSU def DePaul 3-2
Kent def Ohio 3-2 OT
Akron def Miami 6-1
Miami def DePaul 3-2 OT
BGSU def PSU 4-1
Ohio def BW 5-1
OU-JV def BG-JV 5-1
Kent def VCU 3-2
Akron def CSU 5-0
CSU def BW 3-2
Ohio def DePaul 3-0
PSU def Akron 5-1
BGSU def VCU 2-1
Kent def Miami 3-0
CSU def Miami 2-1
Akron def DePaul 4-0
PSU-JV def OU-JV 3-1
PSU-JV def BG-JV 8-2