Standings as of 2016-10-24

Data now covers 1032 matches with 208 technical upsets. Just 77 overtimes. We now have 26 active teams with more on the way, and most importantly, every member is slated to play or host in an event. That’s important for retention. The NCDA is officially in expansion. 

Mov. Rank Rating Team
1 55.187 GVSU
↑ from 3 2 50.211 MSU
↓ from 2 3 47.933 CMU
↑ from 6 4 46.282 Kent
5 45.951 UK
↓ from 4 6 45.798 Towson
↑ from 9 7 45.203 JMU
↓ from 7 8 45.182 OSU
↓ from 8 9 44.616 SVSU
10 41.641 VCU
11 41.110 WKU
12 41.008 PSU
13 40.423 UNT
14 40.177 UWP
15 38.332 BW
↑ from 18 16 37.891 NIU
↑ from 19 17 37.873 UMD
↑ from 20 18 37.548 BGSU
↓ from 16 19 37.350 UVA
↑ from 22 20 36.874 Akron
21 36.698 DePaul
↓ from 17 22 36.493 Miami
23 36.333 UNL
24 36.046 Pitt
25 36.021 SU
26 33.138 Ohio

The movement is from last week (2016-10-17).

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

10 thoughts on “Standings as of 2016-10-24”

  1. Obviously these rankings are entirely subjective. There is absolutely no way that JMU should be ranked lower than a Towson team that it beat this past weekend. Although the final score was close (3-2) it was a tale of 2 completely different halves. Towson had a commanding 2-0 lead at halftime and had JMU’s back against the wall and their crown of being the King of the East Coast at stake. However, JMU would not go down easy. The first 2 points in the 2nd half were claimed by JMU in a dominating fashion that ended with JMU’s entire team remaining on the court after each point in a display of dodgeball perfection with over 10 minutes remaining in the half. The final, and clinching, point came in the same exact way where there was catch after catch and one devastating kill after another that COMPLETELY demoralized Towson’s gameplay and thus, reminding them of who the crown of the East Coast truly belongs to….Also should be noted, JMU was down a couple A team members and played several 1st time players in this tournament #RollDukes

    1. These are the Gonzalez rankings fam, Towson’s higher ranking/rating likely stems from them having played significantly more matches than JMU this season.

  2. I have noticed one thing that has not been mentioned yet in these rankings and that is “Kevin Bailey Rating.” For beginners, KBR is the rating of how many people named Kevin Bailey are on a given team and is equivalent to 50.00 Gonzales points per KBR point. For years GVSU had a KBR of 1.00 compared to every other team’s ranking of 0.00. This year however, GVSU’s KBR is at an all time low at a value of 0.00. This puts them in line with the rest of the league as they no longer have the rating that was skyrocketing their power ranking. Due to this minor error, GVSU should be ranked at 26th because that is their true power ranking at the loss of Kevin Bailey. This is because their true Gonzales point value should be 5.187, as they are still being granted points for the now changed KBR they have. I had to fix this minor error to avoid putting the integrity of the NCDA at risk.

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