Director of League Expansion and Retention: Fall Update

ncda_logo-215x90Much has happened since the start of the season. Many teams are not what they were last season, and newer teams have come into the spotlight of the league for the first time. However, since then, a lot has happened behind the scenes. Here is what your Executive Board and I have been up to when it comes to recruiting new teams for the NCDA.

New Member Teams:

pitt-logoThe University of Pittsburgh – Been a long time coming, but they are finally a member of the NCDA.


cuhqafxwiaupuglNorthern Illinois University – They became interested in starting a team in September, one month later and they are already playing games. Quite impressive to say the least.


Returning Member Teams: 

miami-logoMiami (OH) University – Congratulations to Kyle Shaw on re-establishing this once proud club. Looking forward to seeing them become a part of the dodgeball family once again.

Upcoming Member Teams (Just need to play a match):

dupantherslogo2Davenport University (MI) – They are officially a club again. Their main issues are recruitment, but other than that they are very close to officially re-establishing their club as a proud Michigan team once again.

mc-1Marietta College (OH) – Progressing very quickly. Looking to play very soon, just need to start recruiting.

peeringvikingCleveland State University – Having trouble getting guys to travel, hopefully they can resolve this issue soon.


new_logo_mediumUniversity of North Georgia – Scheduled to play in the next month at home. Excited to see how they match up against VCU and WKU.

georgia-southernGeorgia Southern University – They are scheduled to play in November, but I truly wonder if they will be able to follow through…

whitewaterUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater – Hesitant to actually play a match. Give them some more time and I believe they will be able to play an actual game.


vtVirginia Tech – They are still waiting on University funding. Once they receive that they should be good to go.


Interested Teams (Teams want to start a team, still have a few hoops to jump through before they can play): 

uofmThe University of Michigan: They are still dealing with paperwork issues, in the meantime trying to recruit until they are cleared to start practicing.


13-bulldogfullcolorFerris State University (MI): Hoping to join the prestigious Michigan region. Just waiting to be cleared to become official.



u-of-l-logoUniversity of Louisville: Just need to recruit. Once that has started they will become an official club at the university.



As you can see from the list of teams above, the league is growing at a rapid pace. However, in order to keep more interested schools coming and new teams sticking around, we as current members, alumni and executive members need to continue making it our mission to make this league a competitive, but welcoming environment. Please reach out to new teams to schedule games, or just to hangout for a weekend, because hey, Dodgeball is Family.

A big thank you to my ambassadors: Doug Schilling, Hunter Ford, Mitchell Aldridge, Erik Zander, Niko Nodal and Adam Pfeifer. 

Author: Jacob Leski

Former President of Central Michigan's Club Dodgeball team. 2x First Team All-American (2015, 2016). 2nd year as Director of League Expansion and Retention.

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  1. So the guys from Cleveland State University doesn’t want to travel…. yet Akron University is only 45 minutes away from them; Kent State University is only 52 minutes away from them. I’m not saying they have to travel to the University of Kentucky or University of North Georgia but those are two teams within a hour time from Cleveland State… Last time I check, those two teams had a huge turnout for their tournaments.

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