Spotlight: Sam Hiller

Captain of Michigan State University Dodgeball and manager of the team’s website, Sam Hiller also handles a great deal of content on the NCDA website. His range of contributions include previews, interviews, and general articles all about college dodgeball. On top of that, he’s a co-host of the NCDA Podcast: Average Joes‘. Check out an interview:

ZM: Sam, lets get this started with the basic stuff: What are you studying, and how long have you been playing with MSU?
SH: I am currently studying History at Michigan State University, although I want to go into hotel management. I’ve been playing collegiate dodgeball for five seasons, three of which I’ve been one of the captains for MSU.

ZM: You and fellow MSU player Mike Van Ermen recently took over hosting the Average Joes’ podcast. Episode 22 was recently released; how do you feel about the end product? What plans do you have for the next couple of episodes?
SH: I think it turned out well for our first podcast, obviously there’s stuff we can improve on but I think for our first try it was decent. For the next few episodes were going to try and include a little more social media, some issues of dodgeball, and use more statistical analysis of the teams.

ZM: Any leaks as to what dodgeball issues we can look forward to?
SH:  Well two issues are issues that have come up since this past weekend- sportsmanship and a potential governing board. Another one is the use of a potential RPI formula, similar to what the NCAA uses for March Madness selection. And finally, discussing how the new overtime rules are going is definitely another issue we may talk about.
ZM: Yes, we’ve had two overtimes under the new rules already. I’d had some questions to how the new rules perform, so it should make for an interesting listen.

ZM: In addition to the Podcast, you’re also a content machine for the NCDA website, producing event previews a recent standings breakdown. Do you have any other articles beyond previews that we can look forward to?
SH: Oh definitely. I’m going to try and do at least one article featuring every team in the NCDA this season, to go along with some statistical looks at some of the things that happen in the league and compare this season to previous years if possible. I’m also working on a history of all the NCDA tournaments, with their champions and MVP (if applicable).

ZM: Very nice, an exciting look at what’s coming up with the website. Any last comments?
SH: Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s been helping with giving us information for the website and the podcast, and if anyone has anything they’d like up on the website send it my way and we’ll try our best to get it up there!


Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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  1. Hiller, keep up the great work! If you ever need any help or content just hit UK up and we would love to help!

    Zac Brown

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