Battle of the Brown Line IV

CHICAGO-Solheim: MBI def DePaul 3-2 in the Battle of the Brown Line IV.

A Moody announcer comments:

The DePaul players have quite the dance moves. Moody, on the other hand, not allowed to dance, per school regulations.


DePaul: 14 male, 6 female, 4 fans. Moody: 20 male, 40 fans, 2 announcers
DePaul starts their first chant with “Chic-fil-a” before busting into their Baby Shark haka.
12:17 left in first half, MBI 2-0.
2:30 left in first half, MBI 2-1, halftime called. Much of this point was a 5 on 5 contest.
During halftime, Battle of the Mustaches is played Gladiator style.
21:05 left in second half, MBI 3-1. DePaul chants “Rufio”
8:42 left in second half, MBI 3-2. DePaul chants “Naked Dodgeball.”
Final time called with 10+ MBI players on court, 1 DePaul player remaining, final score at 3-2 MBI over DePaul. DePaul chants Undefeated.

Point Duration – Point Victor – Game Score

6:22 P1 – Moody, 1-0 MBI
6:21 P2 – Moody, 2-0 MBI
6:47 P3 – DePaul, 2-1 MBI
6:25 P4 – Moody, 3-1 MBI
13:17 P5 – DePaul, 3-2 MBI
8:42 P6 – Unresolved, 3-2 MBI

Battle of the Mustaches

DePaul, ever conscious of mustaches, was involved in a special halftime event.Sam Murphy [DePaul-51] v Jimmy Murray [MBI-88], both sporting grand mustaches more likely scene in a different era.

Two players were circled by both teams around the tip-off circle, as per Chicago custom in Gladiator style dodgeball. Each player is given a ball, with one neutral ball placed in the center of the ring. They tapped balls in chivalry, backed off, and the Referee whistled to begin. Both players threw quickly at the other, but both missed their respective targets. Sam Murphy leaped at the center ball, sliding across the floor and making a push throw at Jimmy Murray’s legs in one fluid motion. The ball made contact with Murray, resulting in DePaul winning the first actual Battle of the Mustaches.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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