Note on Proposed Rules

By Tyler Broyles

Fellow Captains, I haven’t formed my personal opinion on the slew of rule proposals that have been offered so far but I feel like I should give at least one potential pitfall that I could see if some of these rules take place. Much of the rules mention increasing the difficulty of the game. This transition in difficulty would be much less painful for the most competitive teams as their roster caliber is much stronger than the bottom tier teams. The upper tier teams will be able to cope with the changed rules. As you descend the ladder the teams this becomes increasingly difficult. One of the few ways Ohio teams can “compete” with Michigan schools is by some of the lee way the rules give us currently. As we tighten the rules and increase the difficulty I fear there will be a further stratification of the league. If Team A has 12 of their 15 that are well rounded enough to adapt then they will probably manage, however, teams like BGSU would have 5-6 players that would make the transition without issue. My biggest fear with increasing the difficulty of our game comes from deepening the already apparent skill gap between teams. As a lower tier team I am not asking for sympathy or special circumstances, but I would like to defend teams of a lesser caliber. I recognize that the rule proposals tend to be dominated by the most active players (which tend to be the best teams captains), and felt that some potential warning should be given.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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