Central Michigan University Pre-National’s Podcast


cmu-logoMembers of Central Michigan’s Club Dodgeball team, Mike Riley, Kris Kohler, Ian Ryan, Shane Willette and Zach Bachner get together to give their two-cents on the season as a whole. They discuss matches they would like to see at Nationals, their top-five best throwers and catchers in the league, who they would take with them into OT and a farewell to players who are about to play in their last Nationals.


Author: Jacob Leski

#33 El Presidente of Central Michigan's Club Dodgeball team for the 2014-2015 season. Anyone that knows me is well aware that I like to talk on the court but love making up for it off it. Love this league, the people involved in it and what its all about.

3 thoughts on “Central Michigan University Pre-National’s Podcast”

  1. The only thing that offended me in this was when yall said Morley looks like me…

    Also I was offended whenever Ian Ryan talked…

    Overall, it was very entertaining though. Some interesting opinions to say the least.

    Thanks for all the good and bad things you said about myself and my squad. We look forward to ruining your season in a few days haha… Good luck at Nationals fellas!

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