NCDA Newsletter 2013-01-16

NCDA Newsletter: 2013-01-16

New Year Resolutions

Welcome to the New Year, good people!

We have plenty of exciting stuff to look forward to, as the League is getting better, getting better all the time. Here’s what you’ll find in this edition of the NCDA Newsletter. 

Letter Contents:

Call for More Content, Alumni Appreciation Month, A New Ranking System, Upcoming Events & Nationals, Logo Designs

Call for More Content

As always, it is the goal of NCDA staff to keep the website up to date and populate it with interesting and thought provoking content. We can’t do that without the background information to start with! If you have any comment about happenings in the League, send it over. More opinions and quotes only makes our work better in the end. It will especially help for the Average Joes’ Podcast.

Chief of Content Sam Hiller and I have started up an editorial section of the website, “Opinions.” The underlying goal is to stimulate conversation, to give dodgeball writers an outlet to state their views on the League, the Sport, and share their experiences in the realm of Dodgeball. If you or anyone on a team would like to submit an article, email it over. We’d be happy to include it.

Alumni Appreciation Month

For this month of January, we’ve started an Alumni Appreciation Month in order to celebrate the accomplishments of graduated student athletes that played in the NCDA or Midwest Dodgeball Conf. If there’s any alumni that you’d like to see highlighted, either get them to write something or write a reflection yourself. Some of the articles posted so far have been about GVSU, Bomis, McCarthy, Raymer, and Champ’s NCDA Player Logos.

A New Ranking System

In the last newsletter, we brought up a new policy on the Standings. As we approach Nationals, the issue because ever more important. Please check out this post detailing the latest issues faced. Put in your input! Make a post, declare an opinion.

Upcoming Events & Nationals

Expect some preview articles Sam Hiller: this is a event heavy portion of the Season, with the MDC, ODC, BEAST II, and Richmond Dodgeball Cup to name a few tournaments. Multiple one game clashes will also occur between local rivals coming up, so check out the Schedule. Make sure you’re notifying us when a new match is scheduled, and please keep submitting a reliable record of the scores.

Nationals 2013 happens April 13+14 in Lexington, so keep that date open. Zac Brown has already emailed a little bit of information out in mid-December. Also, Dan Shackelford and Camden Fullmer are setting up a minisite for the event. Look forward to that.

Among other things, who is interested in making a bid for hosting Nationals in 2014?

Logo Designs

Good people, I enjoy logos and athletic logos. I especially enjoy dodgeball logos. And in the interest of enjoying my work with the website and NCDA, i’d like to help out with your graphic design needs. I’ll do this for free: It expands my portfolio and it is something awesome to work on in my spare time. If you’d like anything done, like a vector (apparel-printer ready format) of your current logo, or an entirely new design, hit me up.


Good luck on the rest of the Season. Keep checking the forums and the website and the twitter for new content, as we grow the League in many different ways.


Zigmas Maloni #68
General Coordinator
National Collegiate Dodgeball Association

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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