Alumni Appreciation: Aleks Bomis

Much has been made of the contributions that Aleks has made to the dodgeball world, whether it’s been starting the MSU team, helping create the NCDA, helping out with the Nationals 2011 video, doing a variety of posters in Photoshop, being the short lived commissioner of the NCDA, he has truly done everything in his power to help the league grow.

Aleks competed for the Spartans from their inception until playing for the JV team at Nationals 2009, and after that practiced with the team for two seasons. He was still good enough to play on any team in the league, he just chose not to compete so as to give other people a chance to play. With a nasty cross court shot that was like a heat seeking missile, amazing dodgeball IQ, and great leadership qualities he was a great player to have on your team, whether it was in practice or in a match.

Aleks will ultimately be remembered for his off the court accomplishments however. He helped do the graphics for the Nationals 2011 videos, and he was a color commentator for the 2012 Michigan Dodgeball Cup for Spartanvision and the 2006 Michigan Dodgeball Cup that was broadcasted on local Comcast television. He did many posters for the NCDA, such as the “Gale in Allendale” and the Nationals 2012 poster. He created the Michigan State team, the Michigan Dodgeball Cup, and co-created the Midwest Dodgeball Conference (now the NCDA.) Aleks was also the first (and so far, only) commissioner of the NCDA, a job that lasted a few months.

Now Bomis is a lawyer, and is going to be the legal counsel for the NCDA. As the league grows, he’ll be the one making sure everything’s in line and he’ll help this league stay true to it’s foundations as a way for college students to have fun and blow off some steam.

Author: hiller87

Former Captain of the MSU Club Dodgeball Team, former NCDA Chief of Content.

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