2017 Captains’ Meeting Agenda

Introduction of Administration – Felix Perrone

Felix Perrone – League President
Mike McNicholas – League Treasurer
Zigmas Maloni – Director of Officiating (and Records)
Kevin Bailey  – Chief of Content
Jacob Leski – Director of League Expansion & Retention Colin Hiatt – Director of Nationals 2017

Roll Call – Felix Perrone

Present Member Teams: DePaul, Kent, OSU, MSU, GVSU, UK, BGSU, SVSU, WKU, CMU, UWP, Miami, NSU, UMD, JMU, Towson, VCU, PSU, Akron, Ohio, UVA, UNG, CSU, and featuring UWW

Non-present Members: UNL, UNT, SU, BW, Pitt, NIU, GSU, MC 

Saturday Results, Sunday’s Seeding and Schedule – Colin Hiatt & Zigmas Maloni

Present Seedings and Schedule

Administrative Announcements – Felix Perrone

  • Constitution to be updated September 1, 2017.
  • League internship opportunities.
    • Communication and Marketing
    • Designing, Development, and Programming
    • Ambassadors for Director of League Expansion

League Growth – Jacob Leski

[Presentation] Growth this year and discussion of upcoming teams.

Host Bids for Nationals 2018 – Felix Perrone & Colin Hiatt

Presentations/Bids from interested parties: Akron, VCU, WKU, NIU

Nominations for NCDA Officer Positions – Felix Perrone & Colin Hiatt

Any member of the NCDA can nominate an individual for the following positions.

5.4.1 PresidentSee ConstitutionThe President is to maintain/manage the Organization.

5.4.2 Treasurer – The Treasurer is to maintain/manage the finances of the Organization.

5.4.3 Director of Officiating – The Director of Officiating (“DoO”) is responsible for managing the rulebook, officials, and records of the Organization.

Summer Events:

May 6+7: FitExpo Event – The NCDA is pairing up with the World Dodgeball Society for a tournament.

May 28: May Day Dodgeball Rally – DePaul – Post-season hat tournament tradition, all players welcome!

Kent Summer Dodgeball – Kent Officers

Rule & Policy Proposals – Zigmas Maloni & Felix Perrone

Newly Proposed Rules/Policies

Rule Proposals

Policy Proposals

Constitutional Policy Proposals

Starr’s Poll

Thanks & Accolades – Felix Perrone

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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