Top Tweets of February 2017

In our second edition of the top tweets of the month, Kevin and I once again sat down to look through the savagery our league has to offer.  We were pleasantly surprised with this month’s candidates, and look forward to what the league has to offer in the future.  Now, let’s take a look at what we believe to be the top 10 tweets of February 2017:

Top tweet of the month:

#1 – BGSU – I told them to beat OSU to convince me.  They beat OSU.  I’ll hold this L.

The best of the rest:

#2 – JMU – “What maneuver could possibly be smoother?”

#3 – Brandon Meisel – I swear if I hear any more comments about GVSU being first…..

#4 – Towson – Who needs a Valentine when you have dodgeball?

#5 – GVSU – ….let’s move on.

#6 – GVSU – Always double-check your facts, always.  Make sure you click the original tweet to get the context here…

#7 – UNG – Thanks for keeping it real UNG #TrustTheProcess

#8 – Wes has a private account, so we had to screenshot this one in.  Anyways, sorry to hear you aren’t having fun Mr. Peters.

#9 – NCDA – If you were living under a rock this past month, click here.

#10 – Hunter Ford – A little bit of content team nepotism is acceptable, right?

Let us know what you think about our list, and comment on your favorite down below.

4 thoughts on “Top Tweets of February 2017”

  1. I dont have a twitter… so this is the first time I’m seeing #4. Towson’s running next practice

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