NCDA Matchups Outside of Dodgeball

LGKAXHZMAVSTWUQ.20130509181031While sitting at home today during a glorious Mother’s day, I’ve spent the majority of the day watching the opening rounds of the college lacrosse tournament. During this time I made one big realization, two NCDA teams are about to meet up for the first time ever, and not on a dodgeball court. Yes, I’m talking about Towson University facing The Ohio State University.

Before I begin to talk about this I must say, “Go Tigers.” Now that I’m done being a homer, on to the actual match-up. Having originally been an Athletic Training major I’ve spent a lot of time this semester working with the athletes on our men’s lacrosse team. Knowing that the team has had an up and down season, I’m not quite sure how the game today will play out. Hopefully, the game won’t frustrate me as much as much as the UMD v. Corenell game currently is; though I feel as if this game might be a “beat ’em down” type of game in favor of the Buckeyes. I don’t know much about OSU’s squad this year, but it’s safe to say they’ve done something right to earn the #3 overall seed in the tournament. I have hope that guys like Thomas DeNapoli and Andrew Wascavage can do something to help keep the game close, but logistics say that the Tiger’s will be sent back to Towson early.

So why does this concern the NCDA? For fun of course! What else would this league be without friendly banter between schools about the other athletics our schools have. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see an obscure JMU v. MSU NCAA softball matchup. Or maybe we’ll see Kent State play Nebraska in water polo. Nobody knows what will happen, but it’s safe to say that if Towson wins today, it will be nothing but fun when I let the Buckeye dodgeball players know about it the next time we play them.

If they start throwing at my head afterwards I won’t blame them whatsoever.



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