Nationals 2017 Officiating Schedule


  1. Every official must have a whistle.
  2. Read the Rulebook. Understand the Officiating Manual. Be good people.
  3. Please dress the part. Gray or black is a nice neutral color that most teams don’t wear.
  4. Head Referees, Assistant Referees, and also Shot Clock Timekeepers have the power to call the game. If you see a person is clearly out, and another Official didn’t call it, don’t be afraid to call them out.
  5. The 2017 Aleks Bomis Alumni/Staff Game will be first thing Sunday.
  6. For all of Saturday, matches will be 40 minutes. 20 minute halves.

Schedule below for Saturday. Sunday heavily depends on the results of Saturday.

8:45 AM Queue 1 On Deck Head Referee Assistant Referee Shot Clock Shot Clock
J3 OSU NSULA UWP UNG Jason Hallman Zach Wagner Katie Kapustka Alex Watkins
J4 PSU BGSU CSU Miami Jacob Leski Alex Holzgen Brett Rice Hunter Ford
S2 GVSU Akron UK UMD Mike McCarthy Shane Willette Will Reilly Andre Okosi
S3 MSU Kent WKU UVA Jude DuPart Ryan Carlton Brad Bautch Tyler Jagiello
S4 Ohio DePaul JMU SVSU Brett Hadwin Mike McNicholas Zach Rivera Zach Frangi
9:55 AM Queue 2 On Deck HR AR SC SC
J3 UWP UNG PSU VCU Dylan Fettig Brady Etzler Adam Pfeifer Brett Rice
J4 CSU Miami NSULA DePaul Jude DuPart Avi Manthe Rebecca Seemann Matt Zemla
S2 UK UMD GVSU BGSU Ryan Carlton Casey Bielec Katie Kapustka Alex Watkins
S3 WKU UVA Towson Ohio Jason Hallman Ben Grayson Sam Palumbo Brad Bautch
S4 JMU SVSU CMU OSU Jacob Leski Brett Hadwin JD Gilliam Mick McNicholas
11:10 AM Queue 3 On Deck HR AR SC SC
J3 PSU VCU Akron UMD Alex Watkins Mike McNicholas Zach Rivera Zach Frangi
J4 NSULA DePaul Kent WKU Ryan Carlton Avi Manthe Will Reilly Andre Okosi
S2 GVSU BGSU UK UWP Mike McCarthy Ben Grayson Matt Zemla JD Gilliam
S3 Towson Ohio SVSU Miami Jude DuPart Tyler Jagiello Evan Bemus Brad Bautch
S4 CMU OSU JMU CSU Jason Hallman Ryan Menn Brett Rice Rebecca Seemann
12:20 PM Queue 4 On Deck HR AR SC SC
J3 Akron UMD CMU UVA Brett Hadwin Bryce Belen Hunter Ford Rebecca Seeman
J4 Kent WKU Towson DePaul Dylan Fettig Evan Bemus Matthew Zemla Brady Etzler
S2 UK UWP PSU OSU Jacob Leski Avi Manthe Zach Rivera Zach Frangi
S3 SVSU Miami Mike McCarthy Brad Bautch Andre Okosi Robert Allison
S4 JMU CSU MSU NSULA Tyler Prill Mike McNicholas Katie Kapustka Kelvonte Nesmith
1:35 PM Queue 5 On Deck HR AR SC SC
J3 CMU UVA UNG UMD Ryan Carlton Avi Manthe Adam Pfeifer Katie Kapustka
J4 Towson DePaul BGSU UWP Mike McCarthy Matt Zemla Brady Etzler Zach Rivera
S2 PSU OSU JMU Kent Dylan Fettig Brad Bautch Jd Gilliam Alex Watkins
S3 SVSU Ohio
S4 MSU NSULA WKU VCU Hunter Ford Ben Grayson Brett Rice Tyler Jagiello
2:45 PM Queue 6 On Deck HR AR SC SC
J3 UNG UMD Jason Hallman Casey Bielec Andre Okosi Zach Rivera
J4 BGSU UWP Jude DuPart Evan Bemus Rebecca Seemann Will Reilly
S2 JMU Kent CMU UK Jacob Leski Alex Holzgen Ryan Carlton Alex Watkins
S3 SVSU Ohio Akron UVA Brett Hadwin Zach Wagner Sam Palumbo Adam Pfeifer
S4 WKU VCU GVSU Towson Dylan Fettig Avi Manthe Katie Kapustka Matt Zemla
4:00 PM Queue 7 On Deck HR AR SC SC
S2 CMU UK MSU VCU Jude DuPart Ryan Carlton Brady Etzler Brett Rice
S3 Akron UVA NSULA CSU Mike McCarthy Nick Johnson Rebecca Seemann JD Gilliam
S4 GVSU Towson UNG Miami Jason Hallman Mike McNicholas Alex Watkins Evan Bemus
5:15 PM Queue 8   HR AR SC SC
S2 MSU VCU Jacob Leski Brett Hadwin Rebecca Seemann Brett Rice
S3 NSULA CSU Dylan Fettig Avi Manthe Brad Bautch JD Gilliam
S4 UNG Miami Mike McNicholas Evan Bemus Katie Kapustka Sam Palumbo


Staying on schedule is super important this year. For our Queued event, matches will aim to start as soon as the court is free. We are working on having only five minutes for court turnover.

The schedule lists the “On Deck” teams of the next Queue. These On Deck teams need to be on station and ready to roll immediately after the end of the match.

Each On Deck team needs to provide 1 person to supplement the Officiating staff. We need extras to handle the Game Clock and to record stats.

Each on deck team needs to be ready to provide two additional people as emergency Officials. We probably won’t need it, but just be ready. If you don’t provide people when required, your team will be carded on your next match.


Format: Time / Event / Team / Note

Events are Points, Timeouts, Half Expires, Violations, False Starts, Cards, etc. The Team is generally scored a point, called the timeout, or incurred a Shot Clock violation, etc. Notes are extra info.


Oakland def Delta 3-2 OT
0:20:00 Start Half
0:10:15 Point Oakland
0:08:15 Timeout Officials Call Clarification
0:00:00 Half Expires
0:20:00 Start Half
0:18:48 Point Delta
0:11:52 Violation Delta
0:11:37 Point Oakland
0:06:59 Timeout Delta
0:06:22 Point Delta
0:00:00 Half Expires
0:00:00 Start Overtime
0:04:05 Point Oakland
0:04:05 End Overtime

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