Midway Conference- Preview

It is another season with your favorite content writer, from your favorite region, and it is time to preview the teams in the Midway Conference.  It will be interesting to see how these teams do this year and who will reign top dog.  The teams in this region are Platteville, DePaul, Whitewater, Northern Illinois, North Park, Nebraska, Minnesota, Eau Claire, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  Let’s look at the teams playing this year.

The Pioneers are ready to pick teams apart and give them the axe. Watch out NCDA!

University of Wisconsin-Platteville-  This year I expect a lot from my team, with our performance at Nationals last year we have a lot to prove that it wasn’t just luck and that we can compete with any team we come up against.  The returners this year are not satisfied with just going to play against the best teams, we want to beat the best teams.  With a great board in place, and the plans to play more games this year, don’t be surprised to see UWP turn a few heads.  I will put Platteville at the top of the region this year as the team to beat.  Time will tell just what kind of team this will be. Their first tournament will be on September 30 at the Cornhusker Classic in Nebraska.

I’m most interested in finding out what type of new jersey DePaul will have in their arsenal this year!

DePaul University–  DePaul has some big shoes to fill and replace in Brian Hymel and Tyler Hamilton. It can be argued that last year was one of DePaul’s best years in the league.  I hope they can build off what they accomplished last year.  If they can strengthen up the bottom part of their squad and pick up a few new recruits they will be a competitive team to play, not one teams should take lightly. Their first tournament will be at the Cornhusker Classic in Nebraska too.

I know Platteville is most looking forward to beating up our former teammate, Matt Batuch’s brother. In speaking with Matt, my understanding is that he lacking in skill and Matt is the better Bautch. I guess will find out this year.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater–  This is their second year in the league and they impressed me with how competitive they were for a first-year crew. For them, if they can pick up a few more recruits they will be one tough team to beat.  I’m excited to see what they can do this year and put them as one of the top teams in this region.  Their first tournament this year will be at Platteville and it should be a good one. Hopefully, Avi Manthe will keep it rolling for the Warhawks.

Hopefully, Clint can rally his team together and get out to more tournaments this year.

Northern Illinois University– This team entered the league last year against DePaul and seemed excited to be part of the league. This season I expect them to get to more tournaments and even host an event.  NIU has a lot to learn as a crew, and it will be a few years before they can start competing with the best. I’m hoping their first games will be at Platteville’s home tournament.

Let’s see if this Nodal brother (Isaac-their captain) is any good, the other two Nodal brothers’ skill and talent was always questionable! They always seemed to have weak arms to me.

North Park University– This is a first-year team and they are excited to be part of the league. They will most likely be active next semester and have DePaul in their backyard to help them out and learn the game. My expectations for them this year is just to get in as many games as possible and have fun.

Will Nebraska do some husking of teams this year? Only time will tell.

University of Nebraska- Lincoln– Last year, Nebraska impressed me with how well they played even with seeing such little action. They are returning several players and give trouble to any team they come up against. I’m putting them at the top of the region just above Whitewater and I hope they can get out to more tournaments this year. Their first tournament will be their home event on September 30: the Cornhusker Classic.  Tanner Obermeier is doing an excellent job of keeping the Cornhuskers involved with the league and the league appreciates it.

Bring on the Gophers!

University of Minnesota– This is a first-year team and not much is known about what type of team they will turn out to be or how they will play.  It is exciting to have a Minnesota club in the league.  My hopes is that they can make it to one tournament this semester or host an event.

In case you wondering, the Blugold is Eau Claire’s mascot and it appears to be a bird, I think?

University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire– Eau Claire is the third team from Wisconsin and they are excited to join the league. Eau Claire has some experience playing at last year’s 6v6 tournament and hopefully they can use that experience and build off it.  I’m hoping they can make it down to Platteville’s tournament, but it looks like the Blugolds might become active next semester.

Are the Cougars someone to be messed with? I guess we will find out this season.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville- Another new team to the league from the Illinois region just outside of St. Louis.  There isn’t too much known about this club except that they have been around for a few years and are ready to play.  Troy Kramer is doing an excellent job in keeping this team organized and I can’t wait to meet this crew. Their first tournament will be this fall at Platteville.  

Final thoughts

It is going to be an interesting year for the Midway Conference. With several new teams joining the region and veteran teams DePaul and Platteville welcoming them to the league, it should make for some great games.  It will be fun to see where these teams end up this year and if they can put some pressure on the other regions. Let us know what you think or your expectations for this region. Who do you think will be the top team?

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