Rule Proposal – Game Clock Format

Rule Proposal by Jude DuPart

Current: Two 25 minute halves (5 minute break in between), point is scored by eliminating all players on opposing team.

Proposal: 5 – 10 minutes periods. A point is scored by eliminating the other team OR Having the most players on the court at the end of the period. A team wins best of 5 but all points are to be played for record keeping (similar point system as exists) and to allow equal playing time. Additionally later points can be forgoed for sake of time or at discretion of captains.

One of the most antiquated policies in the NCDA is the game clock. Originally designed to ensure that everyone gets equal play time is getting cut short during games of extreme disparity and influences stall ball in close games. This makes games drag on and are not only boring, but stall growth.

This change would not only promote game speed (an incentive to actually throw a ball with the intent of getting people out, players stepping out when there’s no chance of scoring a point), but promote equal playing time of newer players (putting in B team for last two points after match is decided) and reduce the loss of enthusiasm from getting stomped 7-0. Additionally it would assist in keeping tournaments on schedule and would remove the need for an overtime scenario.

This might be unpopular because of the “comeback mentality”. I haven’t looked at the data but I doubt there are many instances where a team has been down 3-0 and won the match, but since this is a huge overhaul I’m interested to hear other opinions.

As previously mentioned this is a very loose proposal that has plenty of gaps. For instance, this does not currently as written address a tie in remaining players at the end of 10 minutes. But my intent is to start the discussion.

Policy Proposal – Abolish Graduation Eligibility Clause

Policy Proposal by Felix Perrone

Abolish the eligibility clause that allows seniors graduating in December to play at the succeeding Nationals. Only a couple of schools allow this, per policy, it isn’t fair that some schools would allow these students to participate and others do not. Plus it is a lot of extra work for the already overworked eBoard. If you graduate you should be done. This is a collegiate league, there’s plenty of other types of dodgeball graduates can play out there.

Rule Proposal – Yellow/Red Card Continuation

Rule Proposal by Adam Pfeifer

Rule proposal: yellow and red cards carry over. Too many times I have seen people acting like a fool at the end of a match with no consequences of their actions. If you recieve a yellow card at the end of a match it carried over to your next match. This would include the first match at a new tournament if said card is assigned at the end of a tournament. Red cards issued in the second half of a match will carry over to the first half of the next match. Your team will play 1 player down if this happens. If a red card is issued at the end of a match the red card will count for the entire next match.

Rule Proposal – Shot Clock Length

Rule Proposal by Kenny Mize

Shot Clock moves from 15 to 12 for (when there is more than 5). Stays at 10 for 5 and under.

Rationale: Well what is the biggest complaint from outside the league. Speed of play. Burden ball. shorter throw line, hard boundaries and so on have all been voted down because they changed the league so much. More balls being thrown, quicker counters and less of that sitting up for 4-6 seconds debating on who to team throw at. Why are OT games so much more intense? Well, throws are needed to be quicker there is less strategy and more just going out there and throwing or catching outs. I think the speed of play does need to increase but we need to do things are own way instead of following other dodgeball leagues and molding our gameplay after another league.

Tear it up if you would like but after 6 years in this league I view this as a very effective but minimal change to how our league functions.

4 Rule/Policy Proposals

Rule/Policy Proposals by Hunter Ford


Rule Proposal – Each team is given 1 warning per match on false starts.

Rule Proposal – No running starts prior to the start of a point.

Rule Proposal – Should a team decide to argue a call with an Official that forces the Official into a stoppage of play, the team which initiated the discussion shall be charged a timeout.

Policy Proposal – A six year eligibility limit for each player per school.

Fiscal Year 2018 Q1 Financial Update

Chicago, IL – Office of the Treasurer

The purpose of this post is to provide you an update on the financials of the NCDA, as well as announce some treasury department news.

To begin, starting for FY18, the NCDA began using a new accounting software provider, WaveApps, to keep track of our finances, invoices, bills, etc. all in one place. This allows us to automatically generate & send out invoices, keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t, and generate financial statements. We currently are looking into additional services WaveApps provides, including making payments directly to the NCDA online, avoiding having to mail checks or pay through PayPal and have to pay additional fees to third party providers.  Additionally, for FY18, the NCDA switched to the accrual basis of accounting from the cash basis, so going forward our financials will include items including net assets, payables, and receivables.

In other news, all 2017-2018 season invoices have been sent out, to the emails provided to us during team registration. You should have received these by now. Please let the e-board know immediately if your team did not receive this invoice. These annual membership dues are to be received by the NCDA by 11:59 pm PST on December 31, 2017. If they are 1-31 days late, there will be a $25 late fee assessed. Late payments without the late fee will not be accepted. No payments will be accepted after January 31, 2017, and you will not be allowed to participate in NCDA events including Nationals for the 2017-18 season. No exceptions without first clearing it with the full executive board prior to December 31. If you have any questions, please reach out to the E-board. Continue reading “Fiscal Year 2018 Q1 Financial Update”

Results of the 2018 Pre-Season Proposals

CHICAGO – Office of the Director of Officiating:

Below are the results of the preferential election for the 2017/2018 NCDA Rulebook and select Policies. The Rulebook is scheduled to be released prior to the start of the 2018 Season. Extra special thanks to the 30 Member Teams that submitted ballots, with only two Member Teams missing.  Continue reading “Results of the 2018 Pre-Season Proposals”

Ballot for Proposals affecting the 2018 Season

Good People,

2018 Proposal Ballot Form:

Ballots must be submitted through the form no later than August 1, 2017 11:59PM Pacific. Each Member Team has one ballot to submit. The NCDA uses a preferential voting system. If you do not wish to vote on a specific rule or option, just leave it blank.

It is important every Member Team voices their opinions on the changes that relate to this organization. Please relay this information to your Team as well, to see what the inheriting generation’s preferences are.

If you would like to hold your own preferential election within your Team to determine your end ballot, talk to us.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Continue reading “Ballot for Proposals affecting the 2018 Season”

AJP 2017-07-25: Pre Season Vote Discussion

As we enter the voting season that defines our rulebook, policy, and bylaws for the upcoming season, Hunter and Zig took some time to discuss a couple of the proposals that made it onto the ballot.

Make sure your team has voted!

*I’m sorry for all the plosive explosions (the least interesting explosion there is in all of media). Couldn’t fix all of them in post.


2018 Executive Board Election

There are five positions on the eight Director Executive Board that need filling.

Following the NCDA’s voting policy, the vote will be preferential. Teams will submit their ballot by ranking each candidate in order of their preference and email this ballot to the League ( The most preferred candidate in each position will be offered the respective position on the Executive Board.


1. Vibius Minucius Pius

1. Decimus Iuventius Paetus

Open Directorships (three available positions)
1. Quintus Laelius Lucanus
2. Marcus Hostilius Regulus
3. Galerius Floridius Burrus
4. Paullus Marius Lucullus

In accordance with our Constitution, Voting will run from 2017-06-15 until 2017-06-25. The new board will be announced no later than 2017-07-01, with the start of the NCDA fiscal year.


– Felix Perrone

– Mike McNicholas

Open Directorships (three available positions)
– Dylan Fettig
– Zigmas Maloni
– Colin O’Brien
– Wes Peters

Candidate CAMPAIGN Paragraphs

The following contains paragraphs from each candidate seeking a position on the Executive Board. If you have any questions for the candidates, let them know or post them here!  Continue reading “2018 Executive Board Election”

Executive Board to Expand to Eight Directors

A constitutional proposal to alter the process of electing members to the Executive Board has been passed 5 of 5. This is a build off the proposal to expand the number of Directors serving on the board that was proposed by Fettig, which was passed for consideration in the 2017 Captains’ Meeting.

1. The NCDA will move to seven voting members on the Executive Board; an additional non-voting Director of Nationals makes the Board a total of eight people.
2. Two positions, President and Treasurer, are directly elected. Qualified Candidates explicitly run for the position of President and Treasurer.
3. The remaining 5 positions are “open” positions. Candidates run for the Board as a general directorship.

More details and the full process:  Continue reading “Executive Board to Expand to Eight Directors”

2017 Captains’ Meeting Minutes

2017 Executive Board
Felix Perrone – League President
Mike McNicholas – League Treasurer
Zigmas Maloni – Director of Officiating (and Records)
Kevin Bailey  – Chief of Content
Jacob Leski – Director of League Expansion & Retention
Colin Hiatt – Director of Nationals 2017

Present Member Teams: DePaul, Kent, OSU, MSU, GVSU, UK, BGSU, SVSU, WKU, CMU, UWP, Miami, NSU, UMD, JMU, Towson, VCU, PSU, Akron, Ohio, UVA, UNG, CSU, and featuring SU, GSU, and UWW
Non-present Members: UNL, UNT, BW, Pitt, NIU, MC

Continue reading “2017 Captains’ Meeting Minutes”

Zander’s Thoughts on the 12vs12

More thoughts on the 12vs12 Roster

Kevin Bailey and Brandon Meisel did an excellent job of coming up with negatives against this, but I felt they missed some so I decided to take it upon myself to bring them up so that when it comes time to making a  decision you’re able to consider all the factors involved. The arguments that I came up with deal with recruitment, health, and alternative solutions to help expand the league.

Continue reading “Zander’s Thoughts on the 12vs12”