Policy Proposal – Timing of new rule/policy ballots

Policy Proposal by Brandon Meisel

The ballot for voting on rule changes must be dispersed to all voting teams no later than 3 weeks after nationals. If the eboard disperses the ballot after the allotted 3 weeks (even if just a day late), they lose their power to veto the newly passed rules for the upcoming year.

Rationale: I know the eboard, especially Felix Perrone, puts in an immense amount of work to make nationals happen, and this rule is not to be a dick and try and pile more on to them, I promise. The intent of this rule is to have voting on the new rule set occur when the opinions, and details of the rules are fresh in everyone’s mind. Last year we voted on the new rules months after nationals and the new rule proposals were made. Months of summer make you forget what the ins and outs of the rules are, and even how you feel about them. If we want this league to succeed we need the teams to be making informed decisions, with their thoughts/opinions on the rules, still fresh in their mind.

The rationale for taking away the eboard’s right to vote isn’t so that we can just pass anything we want to, but instead, it’s to really put the pressure on them to make this get done. Having the right to veto rules is a huge deal for the eboard, and I know they won’t want to relinquish that power, so they will surely comply with the 3 weeks rule.

Lastly, the rationale for the 3 weeks is so that it gives them a week or so to destress from nationals, and then get the rules together in whatever format that they so choose. Anything under 3 weeks isn’t enough time, and anything over 3 weeks is starting to be a little too long to have everything still fresh in the captains minds’.

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