Rule Proposal – Shot Clock Length

Rule Proposal by Kenny Mize

Shot Clock moves from 15 to 12 for (when there is more than 5). Stays at 10 for 5 and under.

Rationale: Well what is the biggest complaint from outside the league. Speed of play. Burden ball. shorter throw line, hard boundaries and so on have all been voted down because they changed the league so much. More balls being thrown, quicker counters and less of that sitting up for 4-6 seconds debating on who to team throw at. Why are OT games so much more intense? Well, throws are needed to be quicker there is less strategy and more just going out there and throwing or catching outs. I think the speed of play does need to increase but we need to do things are own way instead of following other dodgeball leagues and molding our gameplay after another league.

Tear it up if you would like but after 6 years in this league I view this as a very effective but minimal change to how our league functions.

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