Rule Proposal – Shot Clock Mechanics

Rule Proposal by Kevin Frye

Shotclocks – be required to have a handheld stop watch (phone app, watch, etc) to count down time. (instead of guesstimating the seconds and pissing people off).

While doing so they should be speaking into a megaphone directed toward their team.

Instead of the annoying screaming Dodgeball player who gets exhausted screaming the shot clock and loosing their voice.


1. Megaphones are cheap, like $30.
2. No more “I couldn’t hear the shotclock”
3. No more “they’re counting too slow or too fast”
4. It would be a lot more professional

I believe if each team had their own team megaphone & stopwatch to bring to a tournament, things would be more professional and accurate.

Accurate + audible shotclock = happy teams


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