Season Preview: UWP

Location: Platteville, Wisconsin                      uwp-logo

NCDA Region: Wisconsin/Midwest

2014-2015 Record: 5-2 (only losses came to GVSU at Nationals)

2014-2015 Nationals Finish: Lost to GVSU in Quarterfinals

2015-2016 Captains: C – Erik Zander, C – Matt Bautch, A – Brian Hargrove

Returning Varsity Players: 7

Players to Watch: Erik Zander, Matt Bautch, Jeremy Oney, Nick Harding

Overview: Not unlike 1990 Eurodance sensation Snap!, UWP’s certainly got the power. It’s just a matter of them getting enough opportunities to exhibit it.

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Season Preview: WKU

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky                            imgres

NCDA Region: Kentucky/Upper South

2014-2015 Record: 3-24

2014-2015 Nationals Finish: Lost in 1st Round to JMU

2015-2016 Captains: C – Nick Johnson, A – Hunter Dickison, A – Dom Warfield

Returning Varsity Players: 11

Players to Watch: Josh Wynn, Josh Hicks, Everett Taylor, Nick Johnson (out until second semester)  Continue reading “Season Preview: WKU”

Season Preview: BGSU

Location: Bowling Green, Ohio

NCDA Region: Midwest – Ohio

imgres-12014-2015 Record: 4-12

2014 Nationals Finish: Lost in first round to Michigan State

2015-2016 Captains: President – Tyrell Smith, C – Tyler Broyles, C – T.J Wickham, C – Jacob Triplet (out until spring)

Returning Varsity Players: 14

Players to Watch: Tyrell Smith, Tyler Broyles, Nick Broyles, T.J Wickham, Marc Ritz  Continue reading “Season Preview: BGSU”