Where we are in 1000 ranked matches: OT

The data covered here only covers ranked matches played through the seven seasons of 2011 to 2017, specifically 2010-09-25 to 2016-10-10. In that time we’ve played 1002 ranked matches and recorded 1084 line item events. Events can include JV matches, scrimmages, special NCDA matches like the All Star Game, Ladies’ Match, May Day, among other NCDA related things. For the purposes of this article, we’ll only cover those 1002 matches.

Hunter Ford asks: Who’s had the most Overtime wins?

Overtime is a Michigan thing. The current four Michigan teams top the list in most Overtimes played, but we could get really into numbers on this subject. There’s four undefeated teams in OT, but those teams have only participated in 1 or 2 overtimes. “Predicting” when an overtime might occur given both team’s initial ratings has been a small white whale of mine. I don’t think there’s enough data yet.  Continue reading “Where we are in 1000 ranked matches: OT”

Standings as of 2016-11-07

Holy cow, we are at 28 rated Member Teams. U of North Georgia enters the rankings at a healthy #10 in the Gonzalez Standings by pulling two road wins against their host Georgia Southern. We’ll see both teams again later in the month when UNG hosts WKU and VCU. The predicted exchanges for that schedule will be valuable to their each competitor’s rating. Continue reading “Standings as of 2016-11-07”

Standings as of 2016-11-01

GVSU takes a minor hit to their top rating from the matches, but is still games ahead of any opponent. I could give you exactly where SVSU’s Battle of the Valley’s OT upset ranks in the history of upsets, but I’m currently still working on some data for the 1000 match articles. It’s about 3rd or 4th in OT upsets though, around the top ten for all upsets, certainly around the 95th percentile upsets either way. SVSU is now on the cusp of climbing past OSU and JMU with even a small win (winning on any team that is within 8.730 of SV’s 45.076).

While UK’s took two wins this weekend in a double header, their opponent was out of their caliber and gives the minimum exchange for the wide rating gap (12.458 with UK’s home court advantage). UK (and Kent) drop a place to make room for Towson’s climb back to #4. This is a good example of how better quality wins can do more for a team’s rating and allow them to climb higher.
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UWP 6v6 Recap

Blue & Orange Ball Chucking Bonanza- 6v6 Dodgeball Tournament


On October 22, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville hosted the NCDA’s first of four 6v6 tournaments in the hopes to recruit new teams to the league. Schools in attendance were University of Wisconsin-Platteville, DePaul University, University of Wisconsin Whitewater, and University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.  The day consisted of a round robin tournament followed by an elimination bracket. Here are the results for the day for the round robin and elimination bracket.

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Maryland Dodgeball Invite Exchanges

A few low influence exchanges, a few predictive struggle games, and a slew of medium profile matches defines the games to be played at the Armory this Saturday. Could be a good data sampling, it will certainly be indicative of where each competing team ranks in the League. With four games scheduled for both low-games-played Stevenson and first-event-of-the-season Penn State, we will be able to have greater confidence in their ratings following the results this Saturday. Eastern teams, take advantage of the cheap gas and proximity between your schools!  Continue reading “Maryland Dodgeball Invite Exchanges”

BG Invitational Exchanges

Let’s take a quick look at the games being played this Sunday at the Perry Fieldhouse. The three team round robin used to be the bread and butter of NCDA regular season events, and we’ll even see a couple of repeat games this Sunday.

BGSU gets a handy 3+ home court boost, putting them as a #12 team in comparison to their current #18 placing. BW and Akron come in at #15 and #20 respectively, all three teams fall within that special competitive middle tier. All these ratings are a game or two away from climbing or toppling multiple places in the Standings.  Continue reading “BG Invitational Exchanges”

Rule Clarification – Contact on the Opening Rush

Had a couple people bring it up, so a memo announcement for rule clarification.

If two players make contact on the Opening Rush, they are not explicitly out. Incidental contact is permitted.

If the contact is more than incidental, the Official may deem it as Unnecessary roughness or Excessive Physical Contact, and issue the relevant yellow card to the offending player(s) [2016:].

Players are also discouraged from wrestling for a ball under the Possession Contention clause. This can happen at any time during the game, but is more prevalent on the Opening Rush.

[2016:] Possession Contention – If two players pick up a ball at the same time and neither player secures possession after two seconds, an Official shall instruct both players to drop the ball and back away towards the Baseline, then place the ball where it was located prior to the players’ contesting possession.

So, a player is not out on the opening rush unless they are hit by a thrown ball, caught out, or makes a boundary violation… normal stuff that occurs at any time in the Match. Contact with the opposing team doesn’t make either player out. Rougher contact can warrant a yellow card at the Referee’s discretion.  Continue reading “Rule Clarification – Contact on the Opening Rush”

Dukes Continue Reign in East Coast

JMU hosted their 3rd annual Pumpkin Smash tournament on Sunday which featured JMU, UVA, Towson, and VCU.  There were a lot of headlines going into the tournament, including JMU and UVA’s first official games of the season and Towson’s chance to knock off JMU at the top of the East Coast Region.  That being said, the biggest piece to take away from the tournament is that JMU still holds control of the East Coast at the moment, but definitely not by the margins they are historically used to.

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