Grand Valley Gauntlet Preview

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This Sunday, Grand Valley State University will play host to some of the top teams in the nation in the Grand Valley Gauntlet dodgeball tournament.  This event will feature the four Michigan schools along with Bowling Green State and Kentucky.  Due to late two schools dropping out of the tournament, there will not be as many great match-ups played this weekend, but there certainly will be a few.   Continue reading

ROTM: 2015 September

Yes, September ended many weeks ago, but the content team decided that since we have a baller of the month, it is only right that the many rookies in our league get acknowledgement for their immediate contribution to their respectful teams this season. Our first rookie of the month comes from a team that seems to lose lots of talent year after year, but never struggles to be a title contender. Saginaw Valley State University has a knack for recruiting great players and inserting them immediately into their line-up and that is exactly what they have done with Kyle Bruce. Since Kyle is a rookie and has only played a handful of games, he has yet to have a picture taken of him playing dodgeball, so if you want to know what he looks like then you will have to meet him at a tournament or simply look him up on Facebook. Continue reading

Summit Street Slugfest 2: The Sluggening Recap

Kent State hosted four teams this past weekend in the Summit Street Slugfest and the tournament name was quite an apt way to describe what transpired on Sunday. Along with in state schools Ohio State and Akron, out of state schools Kentucky and Michigan State also made the trip to Kent, Ohio to take part in the five team tournament. A highly competitive day of dodgeball resulted in four tough games for each team. By the end of the tournament, every team had very little left in the tank. Continue reading

Previewing Pumpkinfest 2

Time High Seed Low Seed Pre Event Rating Pre Event Rating Predicted Exchange Exchange if Upset
10:00 Towson UMD 44.806 40.985 0.618 1.382
10:00 VCU JMU-JV
11:00 JMU UMD 57.207 40.985 0.010 2.000
11:00 Towson Kent 44.806 43.426 0.862 1.138
11:00 PSU VCU 37.644 32.224 0.458 1.542
12:00 JMU Towson 57.207 44.806 0.010 2.000
12:00 Kent PSU 43.426 37.644 0.422 1.578
12:00 UMD VCU 40.985 32.224 0.124 1.876
2:00 JMU Kent 57.207 43.426 0.010 2.000
2:00 UMD PSU 40.985 37.644 0.666 1.334
2:00 Towson VCU 44.806 32.224 0.010 2.000
3:00 JMU PSU 57.207 37.644 0.010 2.000
3:00 Towson JMU-JV
3:00 Kent VCU 43.426 32.224 0.010 2.000

Initial Ratings:

JMU: 57.207 (inc +3 for home advantage) (#3 in Gonzalez Standings)
Towson: 44.806 (#7)
Kent: 43.426 (#9)
UMD: 40.985 (#11)
PSU: 37.644 (#15)
VCU: 32.224 (#24)

JV and B team matches are recorded, but do not count towards primer standings.

You may note there’s a lot of potential exchanges at the minimum, 0.010. This is a sign that those matches are not between teams of similar strength. Over the years, I’ve found our East Coast region to be a sort of microcosm of the entire League. You may also note that JMU’s home rating (57.207) rivals GVSU current neutral court rating (57.357). That’d be a #1 and #2 in Gonzalez rating if GVSU has a chance to visit JMU’s home court again.

BOTM: 2015 September

12086881_1041133752604531_1076260122_nSeptember Baller of the Month: Matt Bautch (UWP)

This month’s BOTM goes to Wisconsin Platteville’s star player: Matt Bautch.  As an individual, Matt had a spectacular first month to the season, leading his team to victory over DePaul in the Pioneer Classic, and then performing very well in the Grand Valley Gauntlet a week later.

Matt has proved to be one of the top arms in the league, but his improved catching is what has transformed him into a likely All-American choice.  Playing for am inexperienced team this year, Matt has had to carry much of the load for UWP, and he did just that in games against SVSU and GVSU, where he proved to be the most valuable player on the court.

Here is my conversation with UWP’s star player.  He explains his teams efforts to compete against a variety of teams this year, their successful trip to Nationals in 2015, and a ver bold prediction on how far he believes Platteville will make it at Nationals 2016. Continue reading

Previewing Summit Street Slugfest 2: The Sluggening

Time at Kent High Seed Low Seed Predicted Exchange  Exchange if Upset 
11:00 Kent UK 0.907 1.093
11:00 MSU Akron 0.010 2.000
12:15 Kent OSU 0.713 1.287
12:15 UK Akron 0.121 1.879
1:30 OSU Akron 0.193 1.807
1:30 MSU UK 0.239 1.761
3:30 Kent Akron 0.010 2.000
3:30 MSU OSU 0.138 1.862
4:45 MSU Kent 0.536 1.464
4:45 UK OSU 0.934 1.066
*at GV GVSU SVSU 0.146 1.854

Here’s the possible exchanges for predicted and upset results. Take notice of the underlined games:

  • Kent v UK
  • Kent v OSU
  • UK v OSU
  • and to a smaller extent, MSU v Kent.

The Gonzalez ratings for these teams are very close, which may be an indication of a possible overtime situation. An exchange between two identical ratings is 1, the middle of 0-2 range of possible Gonzalez exchanges.

Initial ratings:

MSU: 52.999
Kent: 47.114*
UK: 46.181
OSU: 45.150
Akron: 36.496

* Kent’s initial rating of  44.114, with a home court advantage modifier of +3

Perrone Point Awards from the Gauntlet

To elaborate on our evaluation of the Gonzalez results from earlier in the week, this article will focus on the Perrone System. The System has a quality win component that uses the opponent’s Win Percentage to dictate how much Perrone Points a team receives.

I’m throwing a lot of numbers at you, but that’s just the exact thing that happens. Think of it this way: if one defeats an undefeated team, the most points are awarded. If you defeat a team with 0 wins, you get a tinier amount of points. Flip that around for the loser: losing against an undefeated team won’t be so bad. Giving a team their first win will hurt the losing team.  Continue reading

Gonzalez Rating Exchanges

Since the Rugby World Cup is going on, i’d thought we’d highlight the Gonzalez exchanges for yesterday’s matches. The Gonzalez System uses the same rating exchange system that the International Rugby Board (IRB) uses to determine rankings for its teams. World Cup games are worth double just like our Nationals games are.

First, the initial ratings before the day’s first match:

  • GVSU = 59.202, a historically strong team and top rank at #1.
  • MSU = 51.009, still up there at #5 in Gonzalez Standings.

With home court advantage, GVSU gains 3 rating points to bring them to a hefty rating of 62.202 versus MSU’s initial rating of 51.009.  Continue reading