Standings as of 2018-02-13

Standings are aimed to be released by the end of every Tuesday. 

With a massive two day event in Akron (The War II) and the oldest continual running event of collegiate dodgeball (the Michigan Dodgeball Cup), we had enough games played to rival an early Nationals weekend.

In the 2018 Season, we have 43 technical upsets in 169 ranked matches (74.56% success rate) across 26 events. This past weekend, we had 15 Member Teams play 24 ranked matches, 9 of which were technical upsets.

The Gonzalez System is a computer ranking model similar to Elo and is a rating exchange system based on research performed by World Rugby. It has been adapted by the NCDA to the demands of College Dodgeball, but can be tuned and customized endlessly to incorporate accurate data. It has been used to help determine seeds for the Nationals bracket since Nationals 2014, and was used exclusively for the Nationals 2017 bracket.  Continue reading “Standings as of 2018-02-13”

The War II

AKRON – Rec: In The War II,
JMU def Miami 4-1
PSU def WVU 7-0 (Induction)
VCU def Akron 4-0
BGSU def PSU 3-2
Akron def WVU 8-0
SVSU def JMU 4-3 OT
Towson def Kent 4-1
Ohio def PSU 3-1
Kent def JMU 4-1
Miami def WVU 4-0
Miami def Akron 3-2
BGSU def VCU 2-1
SVSU def Kent 3-1
VCU def Ohio 3-2
Towson def BGSU 3-2

AKRON – Central Hower HS: Day 2 of The War II,
SVSU def Towson 3-1
JMU def Ohio 4-1
SVSU def CSU 5-0
Towson def Ohio 4-0
Towson def Akron 5-1
Akron def CSU 4-1

2018 Michigan Dodgeball Cup Preview

Photo Credit - Alan Holben
The 14th Annual Michigan Dodgeball Cup will take place this Sunday at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

This Sunday, Michigan State University will host one of the most significant tournaments of the season: The 14th Annual Michigan Dodgeball Cup.  In attendance this year will be 3 of the top 10 teams in the country according to the official NCDA Standings (and the most recent power rankings).

#1 Central Michigan (also #1 in the Power Rankings), #2 Grand Valley State (#2 PR), and #10 Michigan State (#8 PR) all bring a different dynamic to this tournament, as it promises to be an intriguing set of games.

Before we get into the preview, the schedule for this tournament is listed below:

10:15 a.m. – MSU vs. GVSU

11:30 a.m. – CMU vs. MSU

12:45 p.m. – GVSU vs. CMU

Now, on to the preview.  Let’s start by talking briefly about each team in attendance. Continue reading “2018 Michigan Dodgeball Cup Preview”

Status Quo Ante Bellum, 2018

The state existing before the war

In the same way I explored last year, I will preview the War happening this weekend at Akron. This year Akron plays host again, with some new teams brought into the mix.

Rating Team Record
48.815 (#3) Kent 8-4
48.483 (#4) JMU 7-2
48.360 (#5) BGSU 13-5
47.240 (#6) Towson 14-3
45.802 (#7) SVSU 6-9
41.632 (#11) VCU 5-6
41.525 (#12) PSU 3-3
40.227 (#14) Ohio 12-10
40.000 (–) WVU Inducting
38.218 (#23) Miami 6-4
36.364 (#33) Akron (H) 4-11
35.181 (#34) CSU 3-7

I’ve marked this as opinion, since a predictive pre-event preview article deals with a lot of predictive analysis. It is different than the quantitative approach of the Standings. When we work with predictions, we can only be so accurate until the opinion floats in.

First, some housekeeping. Continue reading “Status Quo Ante Bellum, 2018”

Power Rankings: February 2018

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone.  While the NFL crowns a champion later today, College Dodgeball still has a few months before they do the same.  It has been an exciting season so far, and things are really starting to heat up as we head into the late winter / early spring.  Listed below are the power rankings for the month of February.  Please note, these power rankings (produced by Jacob Leski and myself) have no impact on the actual NCDA Standings.  These are strictly opinion based rankings.  Enjoy:

1) Central Michigan

The Chippewas keep rolling! Hard to find any glaring problems with this team. Even after losing Kris Kohler, and Tyler Prill to graduation, this team has not skipped a beat. Their most dominant performance to me was their match this past weekend against Kent State. Kent went up 1-0 on CMU, but the Chips won 5-1. This has happened more than once for this squad this year, which tells me that if they get down they have little trouble coming back, a strong sign of a championship caliber team. Their only real weakness is their lack in numbers. This squad often travels with the exact amount needed to fill a roster. However, look to see this change soon, leaders are working with myself and CMU’s club sports department to get their numbers back to what they used to be. – Jacob Leski

Easy choice for the number spot here.  Central Michigan is having an unbelievable season so far.  The Chips, sitting at 18-0, have a chance to be the first team since 2009 GVSU to win a national title with an undefeated record!  I am very excited to see this team in action next weekend at the highly anticipated Michigan Dodgeball Cup.  They are the clear favorites at the moment, but certainly will be tested by Grand Valley and Michigan State.  We all know Mike Riley is on of the best players in the country, but in my opinion, the x-factor for CMU the rest of this season will be the production from players like Grant Webber, Bryce Belen, and Casey Bielec.  All three have the skills to earn All-American status this year.  And all three will need to play their best dodgeball down the stretch for Central to preserve their undefeated season. – Kevin Bailey

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Standings as of 2018-01-30

Standings are aimed to be released by the end of every Tuesday. 

With one big event hosted by Ohio, we are back after the New Year and into the second half of the College Dodgeball season.

In the 2018 Season, we have 34 technical upsets in 145 ranked matches (76.55% success rate) across 24 events. This past weekend, we had two technical upsets in fifteen ranked matches.

The Gonzalez System is a computer ranking model similar to Elo and is a rating exchange system based on research performed by World Rugby. It has been adapted by the NCDA to the demands of College Dodgeball, but can be tuned and customized endlessly to incorporate accurate data. It has been used to help determine seeds for the Nationals bracket since Nationals 2014, and was used exclusively for the Nationals 2017 bracket.  Continue reading “Standings as of 2018-01-30”

Alumni Appreciation- UWP Players

It is January and alumni appreciation month for the NCDA. So I thought it fitting to highlight some of the former players of the Platteville Dodgeball players that helped to make what the club is today.   These individuals were broken up by category comprised of different skills we utilize in the sport of Dodgeball.

With the help of Scott Skelly and Matt Bautch, I was able to come up with the following top players for each skill. Thanks to these two for helping do the writes ups for these alumni. Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation- UWP Players”

BOTM: 2017 December

December may seem like it was a year ago, but the NCDA’s Baller of the Month for December is JMU’s Doug Schilling. This award is long over due for Doug, who has been a key player for them since the day he stepped on the court his freshman year. Take a gander at my conversation with this year’s potential MVP: Continue reading “BOTM: 2017 December”

Rule and Policy updates as of 2018-01-18

The Executive Board held a vote on 2018-01-17 20:07 which was completed 2018-01-18 09:38.

Motion 1: Increase Roster Sizes for the remainder of the 2018 Season.

Preferential vote options are 16 (current), 18, and 20.
Motion passes. Roster size will be increased to 18 players.
5/7 first preferences for 18, and 2 first preferences plus DoN for 16

Rulebook 2018 v1.1, effective 2018-01-18: Roster – Each team may consist of a roster of 8-18 players. Low numbers – A team may play a match with no fewer than eight (8) players. The opposing team may still play with a maximum complement of 12 players and a maximum of six (6) substitutes. Event Roster – Rosters must remain consistent throughout the entirety of the same Event. The same 18 players who are rostered for the first game of an Event must be the same 18 players used until the Event’s end. Overtime – Number of Players – Overtime will consist of a maximum of 6-on-6 contest; the Captain choosing any six (6) players from their team’s eighteen (18) player roster. No more than six (6) players

Motion 2: Referees may overturn the Shot Clock Official providing the Referee completely takes over the rest of the Count.

Motion passes. New overturn mechanic to be implemented for Referees.
Passes 6/7 plus DoN not in favor.

This alters a number of sections regarding the Officiating Mechanics of the Shot Clock and relations between the Officiating Crew, which really involves a reorganization of the Officiating Manual as the best approach. The following snippet is a gist of how the override handles. v 1.1 of the 2018 Rulebook will be reviewed by the Rulebook Committee and posted shortly.
Rulebook 2018 v1.1, effective 2018-01-18: Calls – Being Overridden – If a Shot Clock Official determines that the Shot Clock is reset, but a Referee determines that an apparent reset was a Illegitimate Attempt [], the Referee must take over and continue the rest of the Shot Clock count by signaling appropriately.

Motion 3: Impose a fine for failure to attend the Captains’ Meeting at Nationals.

Motion passes. A fine will be imposed for skipping the Captains’ Meeting at Nationals.
Passes 7 of 7 with DoN assent.

Any Member Team that is participating at Nationals must attend the scheduled Captains’ Meeting held over the Nationals weekend. Future team officers may attend, but at least one actual, current Captain representing the Member Team must attend.  Being grossly late to the Meeting without Board consent will justify a fine. Leaving early without Board consent will also justify a fine.

A fine of $100 will be applied to the following season’s dues for the offending team.

Teams that are representing at Nationals (not participating in ranked matches) are exempt from attending the Captains’ Meeting but are strongly encouraged to attend. Providing the Member Team of the representatives has voting rights, they can contribute to the Captains’ Meeting just as any Nationals-participating Member Team.

Teams that are not present or representing at Nationals are exempt from mandatory attendance at the Captains’ Meeting, but likewise encouraged to submit proposals to be discussed in the Meeting.

Observing the MVP Race at Midseason

We are just over halfway through the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association’s 2017-18 season.  In the fall we were lucky enough to see some very impressive individual performances from various players spanning across many different NCDA regions.  I gave my input on who might be MVP candidates at the start of the year, and now I would like to revisit that topic.  There is still a long way to go before the NCDA All-American Team is voted upon, but at this point in the year, I have narrowed the list of players remaining in the race to finish #1 on that list.  Here are my finalists for NCDA MVP (please note these players are grouped into a few different sections, and listed in alphabetical order within each section).

The Front Runners:

Continue reading “Observing the MVP Race at Midseason”

Previewing the Most Anticipated Events of the Second Half of the Season

The second half of the 2017-18 season will be here in no time, and there are already plenty of tournaments on the docket.  Below I have ranked the five most anticipated tournaments of the winter / spring.  This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment with your own list.  Now time to preview the top 5 events I am looking forward to, listed in order of importance:

5) Oregon State Tournament @ Oregon State University – Feb. 3, 2018

Continue reading “Previewing the Most Anticipated Events of the Second Half of the Season”

Midterm Report Cards: Michigan Region

We have hit the mid-season mark in the 2017-18 NCDA season.  Just as was done with a few other regions, we have report cards to hand out for each team in the Michigan Region in what has been an interesting first half to the season.

Central Michigan: A

Easiest grade to give out would have to be CMU.  The Chippewas are sitting pretty at 15-0 right now.  That’s the best first semester record they have ever had if I’m not mistaken.  I would have given Central Michigan an A+, but their last few tournaments of the fall revealed the Chips are beatable.  Continue reading “Midterm Report Cards: Michigan Region”