Magnus’ Rock Fest Tournament Preview

The following was written by Cleveland State’s Joseph Walsh:

Magnus’ Rock Fest will be held at Cleveland State University on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

University of Cincinnati

For me personally, I have never witnessed this team play and from what I know, the CSU tournament will be the second tournament for this team. I am hoping that Wesley Peters has brought together some great guys to make a strong team and hopeful future contenders in the NCDA. This team plays CSU, Akron, and Kent this weekend, which will be a good test for this team to see what they are working with. They have a tough weekend ahead of them and this will hopefully be a good showing for them going forward in the NCDA.

West Virginia University

This team last semester finished strong, especially with the comeback win over CSU which was extraordinary. Continue reading “Magnus’ Rock Fest Tournament Preview”

Rally in the Valley: Penn State Tournament Preview

Penn State looks to open up the second half of the season with their first home tournament of the year. Rally in the Valley will See Penn State, James Madison University, West Virginia University and the University of Akron in their first matches of the second semester. lets take a look.

9:00 AM: Penn vs JMU

10:15 AM: Akron vs WVU

11:30 AM: Akron vs Penn

12:45 PM: JMU vs WVU

2:00 PM: JMU vs Akron

3:15 PM: WVU vs Penn

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Ohio Region Second Semester Preview

Here we are folks, the second semester of college dodgeball is under way. The largest dodgeball state in the NCDA is Ohio, who boasts 9 active teams with one more on the way who has yet to play their induction match. Today we share a glimpse into what the Ohio Region has in store for the second half of the 2018-2019 season.

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Battle of the Valleys Recap: GVSU Sweeps SVSU Despite Strong Showing from the Cardinals

The second half of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association’s regular season kicked off on Sunday with a doubleheader between two of the top teams in the nation.  #1 Grand Valley State completed the sweep of host school #4 Saginaw Valley State in their annual Battle of the Valleys event.  The final scores from the two varsity matches are below, along with a brief recap:

Game 1: GVSU def SVSU 3-2

Game 1 began with Grand Valley looking very much like the #1 team in the country, as they picked apart the solid SVSU roster to claim a 2-0 lead at the half.  SVSU was able to make the second point a bit closer, but overall, GVSU used a controlled pace to pick off one Cardinal at a time in each point.  The big takeaway from the first half was how disciplined GVSU looked.  Very few mistakes were made from the Lakers, as their leadership and experience were on full display. Continue reading “Battle of the Valleys Recap: GVSU Sweeps SVSU Despite Strong Showing from the Cardinals”

Standings as of 2019-01-22

Standings are aimed to be released by the end of every Tuesday. 

In the 2019 Season, we have 26 technical upsets in 130 ranked matches (80.00% success rate) across 20 events. Additionally, there have been four JV matches entered into the Records.

The Gonzalez System is a computer ranking model similar to Elo and is a rating exchange system based on research performed by World Rugby. It has been adapted by the NCDA to the demands of College Dodgeball, but can be tuned and customized endlessly to incorporate accurate data. It has been used to help determine seeds for the Nationals bracket since Nationals 2014, and was used exclusively for the Nationals 2017 and 2018 bracket. 

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BOTM: January 2019 (Alumni Edition)

Kyle FitzPatrick playing for the Columbus Gamecocks

During the month of January, the NCDA Executive Board likes to honor an alumni that continues to stay relevant not just in the dodgeball community as a whole, but one that continuously makes an effort to do what they can to grow the sport of dodgeball on multiple levels. As the former Captain of Kent State, and current member of the Columbus Gamecocks, we have asked Kyle FitzPatrick to share some words with us about his journey through dodgeball over the past decade. Please follow along as President Felix Perrone and Director Jacob Leski (current teammates of Kyle’s) ask the ever-loving zookeeper about his passion for dodgeball, and why it still plays a major part in his life to this day… Continue reading “BOTM: January 2019 (Alumni Edition)”

Battle of the Valleys Preview

Two College Dodgeball titans are set to clash in a doubleheader this weekend, which will kick off the second half of the NCDA season.  This Sunday, Saginaw Valley State will host Grand Valley State as the two Michigan schools will be competing in their annual Battle of the Valleys event.  The winner will gain bragging rights in this historic rivalry.  The schedule for this Sunday is below, along with a brief preview from Chief of Content Kevin Bailey and SVSU Captain Kenny Mize:

Hamilton Gym @ Saginaw Valley

Battle of the Valleys:
10:20am- #1 GV vs #4 SVSU
11:30am- #1 GV vs #4 SVSU
12:40am- OT 6 game tiebreaker (if needed)

Alumni Games:
12:40- GV alum vs SV alum
1:30- GV alum vs GV
2:30 SV alum vs SV

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Freshman Perspective on Dodgeball in the NCDA

The Following was Written  by Chad Hutson:

College can be a scary experience for any incoming freshman. Nerves and apprehension are all part of the journey in education. It’s my second semester at Ball State and I look back at the challenges that I faced in the first couple of weeks. Ball State hosted a club/organization recruitment fair that helped groups recruit new members. I went to the fair and found the Dodgeball Club, a group of guys that were just hanging out, hoping for someone to stop by their booth.

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If Bracket Play Started Today

As we transition from the first half of the year to the next, I wanted to take a look at where our teams stand at the midway point.  Some of our teams stormed out the gate to start the season, some appear to have lost a step, and others just fall somewhere in between.  While the 2018-19 season isn’t quite over, let’s pretend that everything stopped and we were preparing to hop right into 2019 Nationals bracket play tomorrow.  What would our bracket look like?  What are some of the best matchups?  Who could be our potential ‘Cinderella Story’?

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East Coast Mid-Season Recap

So far this year, we’ve learned a lot about some teams on the East Coast. For others, we’re not quite sure where they stand. Without much out-of-region play for the East, it’s hard to see how they stack up against the league as a whole. Although I won’t talk much about the upcoming second half of the season, I believe that each of these teams will come out with something to prove and some incentive to travel.

To clarify, the notable game is just my personal opinion of the most meaningful game that each team had this semester. It’s not impacted in any way by how any team feels about each game, just how I was feeling when I wrote this article. It could’ve been a score that stood out, a close game, or a win over a strong opponent. I’m also willing to admit that I’m biased towards out-of-region games because I think they prepare teams better for the long run as the season goes on. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s continue. Continue reading “East Coast Mid-Season Recap”

2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year college dodgeballers!  It’s that time of year when the NCDA season really starts to ramp up.  We are only about 4 months away from Nationals 2019, and teams are preparing for the always crucial second half of the regular season.

As we break in the new year, and get set for another winter of dodgeball, it seems like a great time to take a look at what some teams should have as their ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.

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Power Rankings: December 2018

We have reached the half-way point in the 2018-19 National Collegiate Dodgeball Association season.  There have certainly been some unexpected results so far this season, along with many teams living up to their pre-season hype.  Overall, it was another exciting fall of collegiate dodgeball.  As we set for the winter semester, now is a great time to take a look at where each team stands through half the season with our December Power Rankings.  The College Dodgeball season always seems to heat up once the temperatures start to drop, so don’t be surprised if many of these rankings change in the coming months.

Below is the official December 2018 Power Rankings list produced by NCDA Executive Board members Jacob Leski (Director of Recruitment and Retention), Hunter Ford (Director), and Kevin Bailey (Chief of Content).  Please keep in mind: these power rankings have no impact on the actual NCDA Standings.

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BOTM: 2018 November

For the month of November, we awarded Zachary Parise of the University of Kentucky with the Baller of the Month title. Zach just finished his career in the NCDA with the Summit Street Slugfest in Kent, where he showed out for his last tournament. Below is the interview that I conducted with him.  Continue reading “BOTM: 2018 November”