Zanderthon Throw-Down 7 Preview

It is another weekend of dodgeball and Platteville is hosting the the 7th annual Zanderthon Throw-Down on February 25th. Although, this time around it will just be the current players vs the alumni, we are still expecting to see some exciting matchups and some entertaining dodgeball. The day will start out with a full NCDA match between the current team and alumni followed by mixing up teams to compete in a 6v6 round robin tournament that will end with the top two teams in the championship match! Let’s take a look at each of the teams below and the schedule for the day.

Team Newell– We start out with UWP’s Captain, Caleb Newell. Newell has yet to step on the court this semester and is looking forward to it. It has been said that he has been dreaming about dodgeball since last semester wanting to take names. This weekend he will be able to do just that. It is unfortunate that it may be against his own teammates, but he needs to start somewhere and what better way to prepare for the Akron tournament (War). Next up we have alumni Annie Larson and this will be her first action on the court since she graduated. As is expected, you should see catch after catch from her. Annie’s only regret for this event is that she will only get to catch Caleb in the full NCDA alumni match. Bailey Schaefer is ready for his first action of the semester and you can expect him to do some catching too, it is kind of his thing. Don’t be surprised when he uses that cannon of an arm, once he finally figures it out, watch out! He is joined by fellow curent player Adam Ebert who loves to bait and challenge people. He loves a good one on one match up and isn’t afraid to go get you in close range. Adam loves catching, it is just what he does. NCDA Alumni, Anna Moellenbeck will be joining this squad and from my sources she is one of UWP’s biggest fans so it seems fitting that she joins us for the day. Anna will do what she did at her days at Miami and that is catch. Rounding out the squad is Alex Cutty, his greatest asset to this team is his speed and his willingness to run people down. Alex catches too. It looks like catching is the theme for this team.

Team Kurey– Mr. President himself, Austin Kurey, is ready to throw it all on the court. He has that dangerous side arm and if you let it connect, you will feel that one for a while. Jordyn Vanevenhoven is next up for the team and he is always playing with energy and has a 360 throw as part of his arsenal, so don’t be surprised to see that this weekend. Andrew Jones likes catching and he has no problem telling you to bring it, as a big catch goes a long way. Logan Stevenson excels at catching and he was one of the best catchers to come out of Platteville, solo throwing is not a wise decision at this guy. Last up on the roster is Ryan Wall, aka, Squirrel. Ryan will look to throw catches as well as go for catches.

Team Zander– This team starts out with their co-captain Tomas Zander. Tomas is the second best Zander to ever play in the league (we know who is number one). Players will have to keep an eye on him as he loves to hit you in the ankles. He is joined by our vice president, Nicholas Stocks which is an effective communicator on the court and doesn’t mind going 1v1 against you. Zach Brand is also on this team and is always looking to improve his game so look for him to make big strides this week with some more experince under his belt. Alumni David Ruegsegger comes in looking to taunt people to throw at his chest. The question becomes will he catch it or will his teammates have to say, “Dammit Dave”! He is also joined by alumni Nick Harding and Brandon Chappell. Nick Harding had one of the strongest throws to ever to come out of Platteville. It is believed his beard is what gave him this power, expect to feel his throw long after it reaches its target. Most know Brandon as Old Man Brandon, but don’t let that fool you as he throws harder than he ever did in college and he loves to compete.

Team Huntley– This team’s captain, Eli Huntley can throw, catch, and he makes it look so easy with little effort. Eli will be a problem on the court. He is joined by the red head Dylan Fabry who has been working on his counter game and it is starting to come along. Now, if we can only get him to stop ducking when a ball comes his way. Cody Baxter will look to get some great experience this weekend and get some reps in at throwing as he has been working on his form. This team is joined by three alumni Dan Brogli, Seth Boyden, and Joshua Zauche. Dan Brogli (Dirty Dan) is best at catching, and seems to be quite effective at it when he already has a ball in his hand, he almost never drops the other one. Seth Boyden is a man of speed so he will counter you and run you down so you better be ready for it. Josh Zauche is a great catcher and he is an agressive player and will challenge you and most likely win, it is all a part of his strategy.

Team Sims-The leader of this team is Jalen Sims (Mr. Mid). This man loves a challenge and wants to always play the best and go right at them. If a ball is thrown at him, he is going for that catch because he has no intentions of being mid for much longer. Caleb Laux is going to be someone to watch out for as he has taken big strides this semester and is ready to compete and starting to show that he can hang with the best. Dalton Foreyt has been working hard this semester to get better so that he can be an asset for the team. He has a solid throw and has been working on his catching. Now, if we can only get him to get some shoes that don’t slide all over the court. The alumni joining this team will be: Jacob Sebranek, David Gersbach, and Ethan Steinmetz. Jakey is know for his catching but also breaking out into song so watch out if that happens. DJ is ready to get back on the court, it has been a while for him and he is just really excited to be at the event! Ethan (soccer mom) can catch and he can throw, a well rounded player who looks to dominate his opponents this weekend.

Final Thoughts- This weekend looks to be a fun event with some familar faces on the court. It is going to be a great opportunity for the current players to get some experience as they head into next weekend at the War. We plan to stream both courts at the links below. If you have not, make sure to subscribe to the Platteville Dodgeball Youtube channel (get us to 100 subscribers).

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