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This weekend the University of Akron will be hosting the annual War tournament that sees several teams in attendance from around the league. The other teams that will be in attendance this weekend are: Kent State University (Kent), University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), Grand Valley State University (GVSU), Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU), Ohio State University (OSU), Miami University (Miami), and Akron B. Below let’s take a look at the schedule, captain’s thoughts, and predictions on the day. The following was put together by Arik Kavanagh and Cory Heitmann.

War Day 1 Schedule

War Day 2 Schedule

Kathryn Mays (Women’s Preview)– WAR VII is a prime opportunity to get to know some of the top women in no-sting and pinch. Saturday kicks off with a women’s no-sting match and includes players from Akron, Miami, GVSU, CSU, and Kent. For those who haven’t been able to see any women’s no-sting tournaments this season, this match will showcase the strategy, collaboration, and unique skill set that comes with this format. It also serves as a teaser for the first Women’s Nationals, taking place just three weeks later at Miami University. Sunday kicks off with a women’s pinch match. These players have served integral roles on their respective pinch teams and are looking to step into the limelight during this match, serving a bigger role with kills, the transition game, and highlight level catches. With smaller attendance, both matches will consist of mixed up teams. Expect some future AAs securing their spot on the team, rookies stepping up to make calls, and of course, little to no smack talk, with pleasantries exchanged on every play.

6 Nebraska Cornhuskers (UNL) 7-0 – (873.5mi)

All Time WAR Record: (0-3)

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: All new opponents

Tre Sumrall- Going into the war this year I think our team has a ceiling of going 5-0. Last year we learned a lot from the War, and went into nationals with far more knowledge on teams and different play styles. This year we already have that knowledge and are prepared to do far better than last year. There are a few players that I expect to really step up this tournament, and they are all rookies. Malaki Horne and Adrian Moses are a phenomenal rookie duo that play opposite sides and can hold their own in high pressure moments. Collin Glover is another rookie who has taken the team by storm with his catching ability, showing no fear against our top throwers in practice.

5 Grand Valley State Lakers (GVSU) 10-3 – (337.2mi)

All Time WAR Record: (6-0)

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: All new Opponents

Mason Smith– As far as our team goes, I’d look out for obviously Ben and Matt, but with six games our rookies are going to have to step up a bit to take some strain off the starters arms. So look for Michael Budai, Noah Berner, and Justin Chiodini. I’m confident in our game and think we’ll do pretty good this weekend and the most anticipated game is definitely Ohio State.

12 Saginaw Valley State Cardinals (SVSU) 6-7 – (283.1mi)

All Time WAR Record: (6-4)

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: Kent(0-2), Akron(0-1)

Cole Machiela– I hope for this weekend like any other weekend is to go out there and win games, want to develop for nationals but also have to go out there and win games. Some guys I expect to stand out is DJ Goodwin, 33, he has been coming into a lot more of a thrower and excited to see what he can do. The next surprise guy is Alan Potts, he has really come into catching and his throw power/accuracy has made a lot of progress. Lastly, I expect all 4 captains to come out and have a great weekend with lots of kills and catches.

9 Miami Redhawks 9-6 – (241.9mi)

All Time WAR Record: (8-7)

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: Akron(1-0), OSU(1-1)

Katie Mei- Miami is looking forward to this weekend’s WAR matchups – especially in new games against UNL and GVSU (I am personally excited for GVSU as our team has made a lot of progress since playing them last year at Nationals). However, the majority of our team has not played either team, so it will be a good test against new play styles.

This Sunday, we return Ty Keller (#3), Davis Honroth (#16) and Ethan Scholp (#4), after missing them at ODC. Look out for these three to make big plays as they are eager to get back on the court. Rookie Huan Dang will also be making his tournament debut and has already proved to be a strong catcher.

Like all teams, we would love to go 4-0 and solidify our standings going into Nationals. However, we recognize the road ahead will not be easy. It will come down to the day and who wants it more, so we are prepared to give it everything we got.

3 Ohio State Buckeyes (OSU) 15-3 – (123.9mi)

All Time WAR Record: (6-3)

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: Kent(1-0), Miami(1-1)

Ryan Ginsberg– I expect our team to come out strong, ready to prove were still the best team in the league. We’re looking to bounce back after the loss to UC and ready to avenge our loss to GVSU last year. This team is hungry, improving rapidly, and won’t drop a game the rest of the season.

11 Kent State Golden Flashes 12-10 – (13.3mi)

All Time WAR Record: (7-8)

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: Akron(0-2), OSU(0-1), SVSU(2-0)

Michael Bilczo– The Kent State Dodgeball Club’s long anticipated wait to get back on the court is now over. After coming off a 1 win, 2 loss tournament at the Ohio Dodgeball Cup, Kent’s team is hungry for more. Comparing WAR to the Ohio Dodgeball Cup, Kent’s team should have 4 of their missing starters as of last tournament. One of those players to look out for is Jacob Florentine. Not only does he have speed on the court but an absolute cannon of an arm. Counter kills are going to shine more on the court this time around. The game in which this is going to star in would be the game against GVSU. Kent Dodgeball Club has been waiting for their chance to play Grand Valley and this weekend their wish shall be granted. Overall, Kent is hungry for some wins this weekend and don’t plan on making this easy for any team they face. We hope that the teams we play are ready for some action filled, intense dodgeball. Go Flashes.

Nathan Keller– I expect us to walk away with a winning record on the weekend. We’re faced with a few tough matchups this weekend, but games like these are exactly what a young team such as Kent State needs to improve our game. A few big playmakers to mention: Mike Bilczo (0), Jacob Florentine (1), and JJ Oldenburg (8). Aside from the usual suspects, rookie Mitchell Lathwell (7) has been making big improvements in his game recently and I’m excited to see what he pulls off this weekend. In addition, returner Ethan Temple (69), a well rounded and underrated player we were missing during ODC, will return for WAR. His game IQ and communication will be a benefit to the team as a whole. Lastly, don’t sleep on Rayshawn Shepherd (99) in the corner. Overall, we’re excited to chuck some rubber and give it our all.

8 Akron Zips 9-7 – (0mi)

All Time WAR Record: (17-10)

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: Kent(2-0), Miami(0-1 OT), SVSU(0-1)

Alexis Schultz– After getting knocked out first round at ODC, Akron is hungry for victory this weekend. I am confident we will take this energy into our first match against UNL and show them what Akron dodgeball truly is. The excitement of a home tournament will only help us add to our 11-0 home win streak even more. And to take down Miami in a revenge match, playing this time on our courts instead of theirs. 5 games of dodgeball in one weekend is a lot, but Akron’s roster depth will propel us through it. Watch for some of our rookies this weekend: dominant catcher Lucas Oswald and rising arm Colbrin Miley.

This weekend, we are counting on seniors Alex Acevedo, KC Franz, Jonathan Harsh, Bradley Fischbach, and PJ Antalek to go out with a bang at their last home tournament. And of course one of our original lady dodgeballers, senior Emily Nicholson.

#31 Akron Zips-B -0-3 – (0mi)

All Time WAR Record: N/A

H2H vs Scheduled Opponents: Miami(0-1)

Adam Pfeifer– This is a mix of new and more experienced players for Akron Zips. For any team attending a tournament, their schedule this weekend is no cake walk. Set to match up against four teams this weekend, this will be a great learning experience for the B team. There are quite a few newer players on this roster who will have a chance to get their name out there this weekend. Look out for Carson Cole, Clay Carpenter, Keith Greathouse, and Logan Campola, all rookies for Akron. Bold prediction but Keith very well could have 15+ catches at this event. Look for this team to make all their opponents work hard for a win this weekend and maybe even surprise the league with a win or two.

Predictions– The following are the predictions on each team’s record for the weekend and how the games will go down.

Akron B04

Day One Match Predictions

SVSU vs Kent– In this game, Saginaw comes to play and Kent does not expect it and SVSU goes up 2-1. The Flashes push back and take it to overtime. In overtime, Kent commands and takes control earlier and takes the win. Kent wins with a score of 3-2.

Akron vs UNL– The Cornhuskers first match of the day they will still be waking up and Akron will just be too strong for them. Akron will take the first 2 points before UNL takes one before half time. Akron at the start of the second half easily takes the next 2 points and puts their subs in which allows UNL to take the last point. Akron wins with a score of 4-2.

UNL vs SVSU– UNL after the first game is ready to go and wide awake and ready to compete. SVSU keeps it close and both teams take turns trading points back and forth, but in the end SVSU runs out of time. UNL wins with a score of 4-3.

GVSU vs Kent– This game from the start will not really be much of a challenge for the Lakers. A running clock is expected by half time and GV stays rested and gives up one point to Kent. GVSU wins with a score of 5-1.

Akron B vs GVSU– This will not be a game and GVSU will use this game to give their younger players a lot of experience to build up their confidence. GVSU will not give up a point to Akron B team and they will coast through the second half keeping themselves rested for later in the day. GVSU wins with a score of 7-0.

Akron vs Kent– This is a match up that both teams are looking forward to. This game should be filled with long but exciting points. Kent will get too aggressive at times and Akron will capitalist on those mistakes and will take the momentum for the win. Akron wins with a score of 3-1.

SVSU vs Akron B– This will be a bounce back game for SVSU and will be great practice and reps for both teams. Akron B will get their first point of the day, but it will not be enough to beat the Cardinals. SVSU wins with a score of 4-1.

GVSU vs UNL– For this match, GVSU will have a strong start to the game and will go up 3-0 at half. UNL will take the first point of the second half but GVSU will finish off strong and take another win. GVSU wins with a score of 5-1.

Akron vs SVSU– This will be the last match of the day for both teams and Akron will give a very strong performance. SVSU will be tired and will take a a few points but will be unable to catch Akron. Akron wins with a score of 4-2.

Day Two Match Predictions

UNL vs Miami-This will be an interesting match up as Miami will be fresh and not fully awake and UNL will be sore from the previous day’s matches. It will be a close game, but UNL does not have enough gas left in the tank to to tie it up. Miami wins with a score of 3-2.

OSU vs GVSU– Another great match up on the day and we can expect an exciting match. OSU will come out of the gates strong and ready to prove they are the best and GVSU will be slow to start as they will still be recovering from day 1. GVSU will throw too many catches, which will lead to OSU getting the win. OSU wins with a score of 3-2 in Overtime.

OSU vs UNL– OSU will be playing off a high from the win against GVSU and come out swinging and not give UNL a chance to compete. UNL will be extremely tired and have nothing left to give and it will not be much of a competition. OSU wins with a score of 6-0.

Miami vs Akron-This will be a fun match up and we should be in for a good game. Miami will underestimate Akron and will come out not as strong as they should. Akron will take 2 solid points before slowing down too much and Miami stays in and forces an Overtime. Akron commands overtime and Miami is unable to recover. Akron wins with a score of 3-2.

Kent vs Akron B– This will be Kent’s first game of the day and it should be a good one. Akron B will get close on a few points but will not take one. Kent wins with a score of 5-0.

GVSU vs Akron– GVSU will be in command the entire game and gives up one point in the first half, but cleans their act up to give Akron their first loss at home in two years. Akron shows moments of greatness, but is unable to keep it going and GVSU takes over. GVSU wins with a score of 4-1.

Miami vs Akron B– This will be a bounce back game for Miami and will help a lot of their rookies get a lot of game experience and Akron B will never even get close to taking any points against Miami. Miami wins with a score of 4-0.

OSU vs Kent– OSU will start out the game with taking a few quick points before Kent bounces back with one of their own. OSU gets their act together and finishes the day 3-0. OSU wins with a score of 4-1.

Miami vs GVSU– Miami will look solid but GVSU will close out the day strong. GVSU will be tired but they will have enough left in the tanks to prevent Miami from competing. Miami will put together a few good points but it will not be enough. GVSU wins with a score of 4-1.

Final Thoughts– This weekend we are in for some exciting match ups and hopefully a lot of thrillers will take place. Below are the links to each of the streams, make sure to tune in to watch!

  1. Arik Kavanagh
  2. Ohio State Dodgeball
  3. Akron Dodgeball

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