Standings as of 2016-11-01

GVSU takes a minor hit to their top rating from the matches, but is still games ahead of any opponent. I could give you exactly where SVSU’s Battle of the Valley’s OT upset ranks in the history of upsets, but I’m currently still working on some data for the 1000 match articles. It’s about 3rd or 4th in OT upsets though, around the top ten for all upsets, certainly around the 95th percentile upsets either way. SVSU is now on the cusp of climbing past OSU and JMU with even a small win (winning on any team that is within 8.730 of SV’s 45.076).

While UK’s took two wins this weekend in a double header, their opponent was out of their caliber and gives the minimum exchange for the wide rating gap (12.458 with UK’s home court advantage). UK (and Kent) drop a place to make room for Towson’s climb back to #4. This is a good example of how better quality wins can do more for a team’s rating and allow them to climb higher.

Mov. Rank Rating Team
1 54.727 GVSU
2 50.211 MSU
3 47.933 CMU
↑ from 6 4 46.840 Towson
↓ from 4 5 46.282 Kent
↓ from 5 6 45.971 UK
7 45.203 JMU
8 45.182 OSU
9 45.076 SVSU
10 41.966 VCU
11 41.110 WKU
12 41.008 PSU
13 40.423 UNT
14 40.177 UWP
↑ from 18 15 39.124 BGSU
16 37.891 NIU
17 37.424 UMD
↑ from 19 18 37.350 UVA
↑ from 20 19 37.154 Akron
↑ from 21 20 36.698 DePaul
↓ from 15 21 36.477 BW
22 36.473 Miami
23 36.333 UNL
24 36.046 Pitt
25 35.104 SU
26 33.138 Ohio

BW takes a major hit as their scheduled matchups were close and of high value. Their rating already falls within a highly competitive section of the standings, but this just means they have an easier time climbing back by securing two or three quality wins when they get to play again.

The Gonzalez System was voted in by the Executive Board as the exclusive this past week. Plenty of more games to play in November, and plenty of more results to influence these charts. Let’s see how what comes to pass.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

2 thoughts on “Standings as of 2016-11-01”

  1. I have said it once and I will say it again; GVSU IS NOT a top team, Kevin Bailey IS a top team. I cannot help but sigh while reading these rankings to myself. Last week I brought up the sickening fact of how KBR is still affecting the power rankings presented to us. For those of you unaware of the KBR statistic you can refer to last week’s rankings as I gave an in depth look at the stat itself. It is very appalling that my word has not been taken seriously so it is time for me to lash out. The NCDA is run by a bunch of buffoons in favor of GVSU, similar to ESPN and their love for Steph Curry and system quarterback Tom Brady. It is a shame that the integrity of this fine institution is at stake because these fools cannot see that GVSU is as bad at dodgeball as the Cleveland Browns are at football.

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