Proposal for an Even Numbers sub-rule

Proposed by Zig Low numbers ish area – Players on the court at the start of a point must match the maximum capability of the opponent.

  • If a team can only bring 12 players to an event, their opponent must play 12 players in the point.
  • No change to Rosters: this opponent matches 12 players in the point but can keep 20 players on the Roster.
  • Maximum capability: A team must play the max amount of valid players they have. The team with the smaller roster can’t play 13 if they still have a 17 player roster.
  • A case or sub-rule to include that it applies to every new point? For example a serious injury causing a team to be 14 at the start of the next point will cause the opponent to match 14?
  • Does not apply to penalties (yellow/red cards)

Meant to keep the game fair for teams that do not have the ability to bring a full 15 player roster, most often newly formed organizations, far flung teams, and less well off clubs.

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Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

3 thoughts on “Proposal for an Even Numbers sub-rule”

  1. As to the part of this rule on injuries or red/yellow card, I do not agree that should count toward this. If you have 15 get an injury or a player is out the other team should still get their 15. I believe it should only apply if you show up with less than 15.

    1. Yep, that one is an iffy potential. Some thoughts on where else this rule effects others throughout the rulebook.

      However, I think yellow and red cards should apply as normal. In a red card situation, the team plays 1 person down for the remainder for the match. So the penalty should matter somehow, and it should override the proposed “even numbers at the start of the point” rule. In the instance of a yellow card, that yellow card would have to be issued between points in order to make the penalty matter.

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