Proposal for a Burden Rule

Since it was mentioned in the recent podcast I will throw one more proposal out there.

Final (hopefully) Rule Proposal:

The game is played with 9 balls

The team that has more than 4 balls (majority) has 15 seconds to make throws until they rid themselves of the original number of balls that was >4.

So if team A has 6 balls they will have 15 seconds to throw at least two balls from their possession.

SITUATION: Team B throws 2 more balls at Team A after the count has started. Now Team A has 8, but they still only have to throw 3 because that was the original burden when the count started.


This rule would completely eliminate ball control focused stalling which is, in my opinion, the plague of the current Rulebook. With this rule you can expect to have at least 5 balls on your side of the court every other 15 seconds so there is no longer any reason to throw balls at the wall to try and get the bounce back.

Also, get ready for it, the dreaded LAZ would no longer be necessary! As long as you are giving the opposite team a majority of the balls you would reset the count.

It removes the need for two counters because only one side has a shot clock at a time (and we all know how people shy away from counting)

One thought on “Proposal for a Burden Rule”

  1. The major problem with this is when one team throws all of its balls. Team A has 5 balls, Team B has 4 – Team A throws all of its balls and then suddenly Team B has 9 balls and 15 seconds to make sure they throw 5 balls or they’ve committed a shot clock violation. In the worst case scenario they freak out and basically everyone throws, in the best case scenario they have to agonizingly figure out which five people are forced to throw beforehand if that situation occurs.

    Luckily there’s an easy fix: reset the shot clock after every throw.

    Team B has nine balls and they throw one; okay, they have 15 seconds to throw another one. This repeats until the other team has possession of five balls, when they’re compelled to throw.

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