Power Rankings Poll (October 6th)

Disclaimer: These rankings have zero impact on seeding for the National Tournament or actual ranking. They provide insight into where teams are currently performing during a given part of the season.

1. Grand Valley State University  LR: 1

Impressive victories against MSU, SVSU, and CMU…

2. Central Michigan University  LR: 2

With the lack of talent they brought to their first tournament, solid start.

3. Towson University  LR: 6

New power in the East? Solid 6-0 start.

4. Saginaw Valley State University  LR: 3

Two close losses to GVSU and CMU. Look for them to turn it around.

5. Michigan State University  LR: 5

Beat GVSU, but then lost to them 4-0, then lost to UK.

6. University of Kentucky LR: 4

Beat MSU, but lost to KENT and WKU…

7. Kent State University  LR: 8

Good 5-1 start, but not against the greatest competition.

8. James Madison University  LR: 7

Waiting for them to play…

9. Virginia Commonwealth University  LR: 9

Impressive improvement from last year. Expect it to continue.

10. The Ohio State University LR: 10

Sitting tight at 2-2. Looking to improve in a rebuild year.

11. University of Virginia  LR: 11

Still waiting to play…

12. Western Kentucky University  LR: 18

Impressive victory over UK…

13. DePaul  LR: NR

Solid victory over UNL.

14. Penn State University  LR: 14

Waiting to play…

15. University of Wisconsin Platteville  LR: 12

Beat Depaul, but lost to #22 UNL…

16. Akron University  LR: 16

Barely held on against Ohio.

17. Ohio University  LR: NR

Finally picked up that first victory and took Akron to OT.

18. Pittsburgh U  LR: NR

The 40th member team of the league strikes!!

19. Baldwin Wallace University  LR: 19

Waiting to play…

20. University of Maryland  LR: 13

Only victory over Stevenson….

21. Bowling Green State University  LR: 20

Too many losses to start the year. Need a good October to move up.

22. University of Nebraska Lincoln  LR: NR

Impressive win over UWP. Disappointing loss against DePaul.

23. Stevenson University  LR: NR

Awesome to see them already playing and scheduled for upcoming games.

24. University of North Texas  LR: NR

Really hoping to see them play some games this year. Nationals?

Author: Jacob Leski

Former President of Central Michigan's Club Dodgeball team. 2x First Team All-American (2015, 2016). 2nd year as Director of League Expansion and Retention.

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