Grand Valley State Gauntlet IV

Grand Valley State Gauntlet IV
Preview and Predictions
Attending Teams: GV, SV, MSU, and CMU

Grand Valley

gv The Lakers have been everything as expected with a four time defending national champion. Led by Captain Brandon Meisel and the presence of Aaron Terenzi the Lakers have jumped out to a 3-1 record. Their lone loss coming to MSU in their first game. This season was looking to be a different story than in years past for the Lakers after they dropped the opener. Since then they have not only won but dominated. 

This team has a legit threat with anyone on their roster. The loss of Kevin Bailey has not been as noticeable as many expected which, was a shock to almost every team. Using smart strategy and the talent on this roster they will be coming out firing on their home court. They look to continue their success this weekend, with games against CMU and SV. It’s hard to argue with a team who is the four time defending national champion. The player to watch for them is Aaron Kraft who has been steadily and rapidly improving as time goes on.

Central Michigan

cmuThe Chips haven’t been the team some expected, with very little lost to graduation this year, the team looked to build on a season where they came just short of a national title. The Chips needed overtime to win against Saginaw and took an opening loss to GV already this season. Led by the consensus #1 player in the country Mike Riley and Captain Shane Willette who is one of the more underrated players in the country, the Chips look to restore the fire they once had. With games against GV and MSU the question comes can they find themselves or not. Either way I look forward to seeing both games and do hope they restore the #fireupchips. The player to watch for them is Alex Holzgen who’s leadership and steady play has been a huge factor for this team.

Saginaw Valley

svThe Cardinals were coming into this season losing Kyle Foster who was and has been the most impactful Cardinal in recent history. The team came out this season to a very shaky 0-2 start. Where at times they looked like they were dominating the opposing team but then at times they looked unorganized and out of gas. The leadership will be tested and the Cardinals will need to rebound hopefully with leadership from veteran Captains Cody Putnam and Kenny Mize the Cardinals are back on track. With games against MSU and GV, it will be no easy task to get back to their winning ways. The player to watch in this game is second year player Nick Hazergian who is one of the most feared and powerful throwers in the game.

Michigan State


The Spartans 3-2 have been more up and down than a roller coaster at Ceder Point, they have beaten GV but also have lost to UK. The Spartans are missing for the first half of their season Colin O’Brien and that has definitely showed on the court. While they have veteran captain leadership in Wes Peters and Alex Zajac, the Spartans need to find their identity, and be more consistent. , If the Spartans can find their way they could be scary with a mix of Arms and Catchers they have a chance to shock some people this year. They have games against SV and CMU, both should be very interesting especially if the Spartans have figured it out. The player to watch for is Lucas Salinas first year head captain, he needs to take charge out there and get this team in the right direction.


MSU vs. SVSU:  2-1 SV
GVSU vs. CMU: 2-1 (OT) GV
CMU vs. MSU: 3-1 CMU
GVSU vs. SVSU: 3-2 GV

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