Power Rankings Poll (Nov. 11th)

Disclaimer: These rankings have zero impact on seeding for the National Tournament or actual ranking. They provide insight into where teams are currently performing during a given part of the season.

1. Grand Valley State University  LR: 1GVSU BEST LOGO

Yes, they are 11-2, however both losses to MSU and SVSU were well warranted and deserved. Taken into OT vs JMU, however they are still the team to beat.

msu-logo2. Michigan State University    LR: 5

They did lose to Kentucky back in September, however they are playing their best ball in awhile. Excited to see how much better they are with the return of Colin O’Brien in the Spring.

3. James Madison University  LR: 8jmu-logo

Beaten Towson twice, lost to GVSU in OT. The Dukes are back and ready to make some noise. Look for Doug Schilling to make a statement. 

4. Towson University  LR: 3tu-logo

Two tough losses to JMU. However they are playing some great dodgeball. Hard to see them losing to anyone outside of the top three teams. 

sv5. Saginaw Valley State University  LR: 4

Very impressive victory over GVSU. Also took MSU into OT. Sounds like they took my jabs seriously. 


10422055_10205887517656828_585012614899180215_n6. University of Kentucky  LR: 6

Had some not so impressive losses, but also have an impressive win over MSU. Give them time, always perform in the second half of the season.

7. Central Michigan University  LR: 2

The downward spiral continues. Currently sitting at a 1-5 record. Mid-season leadership change could be in the cards & just what they need. Big weekend ahead.

kent-logo8. Kent State University  LR: 8

Currently 11-2. Looking for some big victories over the struggling Chippewas this weekend. Will be a big test to see if they can finally be considered relevant once again. 

wku-logo9. Western Kentucky University  LR: 12

They have risen through the ranks since they were ranked 18th at the start of the season. Good start for the Hilltoppers.

osu-logo10. The Ohio State University  LR: 10

As said before, this team is incredibly young, but has some great leaders that will mold them into a great team in no time.

vcu-logo11. Virginia Commonwealth University  LR: 9

Great leadership, they have no problem traveling, just need to develop the back of their roster.

uwp-logo12. University of Wisconsin Platteville  LR: 15

Their young roster is starting to perform. Tough and disappointing loss to Nebraska back in September. 

13. Akron University  LR: 16

They just keeping chugging along. This team is not going anywhere, but up. 

14. Penn State University  LR: 14psu-logo

Were unable to make their fist tournament due to unfortunate circumstances.

 new_logo_medium15. University of North Georgia  LR: N/A

Impressive start to their program. However, they still have quite a bit to prove.


16. Depaul University  LR: 13

Much improvement so far compared to last year. Leadership making a difference.

bgsu-logo17. Bowling Green State University  LR: 21

Right in the middle of the pack as usual. Need a breakthrough win. 

Virginia_Cavaliers_sabre.svg18. University of Virginia  LR: 11

Love what they are doing out there. Need their first win of the year.

ohio u19. Ohio University   LR: 17

They do not give up. They have three losses in OT. Much improvement.

bwyellowjackets19. Baldwin Wallace University  LR: 19

Focusing on rebuilding their program. Hope to be playing in the spring.


20. University of Maryland   LR: 20

A rebuilding year without a doubt. Justin Anderson is doing everything he can to develop this young team into a future contender. 

21. University of Nebraska   LR: 22unl-logo

They have one impressive victory over UWP. Just hoping to see them play more as per usual. 

stevensonfulllogo22. Stevenson University   LR: 23

Kris DeJesus is the real deal. But one superstar can only do so much.


miami-logo23. Miami (OH) University  LR: N/A

Great to see them playing again. Eager to host their tournament. Expect them to pick up a win soon. 

pitt_panthers_wordmark-svg24. University of Pittsburgh  LR: 18

Focusing on things they need to improve upon. Just happy to be in the league.

25. Northern Illinois University   LR: N/Ahuskies-logo

Officially in the league and they took little time to do it. Have a lot to learn, but eager to win. 

University of North Texas   LR: 24

One can only imagine the players at UNT’s disappointment when they learned NSULA was no longer coming. Working on getting them a game soon!

nsula-logo27. Northwestern State University (LA)  LR: N/A

The Demons are up and running. They were supposed to face-off against North Texas this weekend, but could not get the numbers sadly.

28. Georgia Southern  LR: N/A georgia-southern

Incredibly tough way to start out the first two games of their program, but they are optimistic and will keep fighting on! 

Exciting start to the season!! We started with 22 teams and are now at 28 teams. Almost to our halfway point of the season. 4 new member teams have joined us this season and two former inactive clubs have regained status.

Author: Jacob Leski

Former President of Central Michigan's Club Dodgeball team. 2x First Team All-American (2015, 2016). 2nd year as Director of League Expansion and Retention.

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  1. My statement: As it looks now we are on pace to not only win nationals, but not allow a single point to any team over the 2 days. Best of luck boys

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