NCDA Newsletter 2013-02-18

NCDA Newsletter: 2013-02-18

Hello Good People! Here’s another short newsletter. Many things continue to expand and refine the NCDA into a truly great dodgeball identity. 


With some big local events behind us, more events approach! We are just two months from Nationals in Kentucky, so I’d felt it necessary to make some specific but friendly reminders:

  • Submit Nationals Entry Fees ($300)
  • Book your hotel (there’s a horse race in Lexington on the same weekend as Nationals)
  • Submit those rosters (please cc both and for record purposes)
  • Submit those All Stars (Each team gets 4. It will be an NHL style All Star Draft by four Captains)
  • One thing: When listing a player’s “year” in a Roster/Press spec sheet, please use the phrase “Class of 20xx”. Frankly, there’s too many 5th year and 6th years nowadays, and it gets too confusing.

More Nationals information can be found on the NCDA Minisite, managed by Cam Fullmer and Dan Shackelford [Kent]. Hopefully that site gets expanded as we approach.

Rule and Policy Changes

On the forum we have a section for introducing and discussion of rule changes and policy of the NCDA. Change starts there! Please help us out and post your opinions, goals, etc. Talking about things before hand will help speed up the Captains’ Meeting at Nationals, as well as produce better quality reforms.


I mentioned last time that I’d be interested in helping out teams with their graphic design needs. I’m working on transferring every team logo in the NCDA to a vector format (.svg). These are infinitely resizable and will look spiffy on all the new devices making their debut.

If you have a vector file of your team’s logo, please submit it to make my life easier. Another side project, of among the many such plans, is including uniform specs in the team bio pages. A simple example of this can be found on DePaul’s page.


Zigmas Maloni #68
General Coordinator
National Collegiate Dodgeball Association

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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