NCDA Newsletter 2012-12-01

NCDA Newsletter
Winter Interlude

Greetings good people! Now that we’re all more or less on break, let me brief you on some of the happenings up until now.

Letter Contents:

The List, Average Joes’, Recruitment, Rating Percentage Indices, Standings & Records, Upcoming Events, Accolades

The List

For anyone that’s interested in keeping track of what I’m working on and some plans for the League, you can check out The List on the site. I edit it at least 20 times a week. If there’s anything that strikes your fancy, Sam and I would appreciate the help. The website is slowly getting there.

Average Joes’ Podcast

AJP has new hosts in Sam Hiller and Mike Van Ermen from MSU. Give them a listen, subscribe and rate on iTunes, and follow on twitter. Plus, no Uncle Randy!


Nothing is better than having a closer team to play against, and I’ve made it a point this season to better keep track of our recruitment efforts. I’ve established a list of all the NCAA Div I schools in the meantime, and added a few others wanted by other current member teams.

My point of order is first contacting non member schools that have dodgeball clubs, like NIU, UofW-EC, etc. Then I go after neighboring schools of member teams. If you’d like a certain school contacted, either feel free to contact them yourself or notify me and I’ll send out an email.

Rating Percentage Indices

The NCDA has never really had a perfect system for ranking its teams. There are many reasons behind this, but the goal has always been the same: give teams fair matches at Nationals and make sure the experience doesn’t suck. An RPI could solve some potential issues, and a number of alternatives to our current NHL point system have been brought up. Feel free to join the discussion!


Thus far, we’ve had oodles of games in the 2012-2013 season: 55+ from Sept to Dec. Don’t take this for granted good people! It is truly amazing that we’ve had this many games outside Nationals weekend. Feel free to check out the Standings (based on the NHL system from last year) and the full Records for this season.

Speaking of Records, I’ve recently made a request for match results from 2010 to 2004. Legacy teams, please help us out and track down your old Captains, and ask your club department heads if they have any previous records for your team from that era.

Upcoming Events

After the new year, we enter the traditional event-heavy portion of the season. Classics like the Michigan Dodgeball Cup, Chicago Dodgeball Open, and Battle of the Bluegrass have their home in January and February. New events like JMU’s BEAST II and the Richmond Dodgeball Cup will hopefully become traditions in their own right. And we can’t forget Nationals 2013 in Kentucky. If your team plans on hosting any events that haven’t made the schedule, please post them up on the forum!


Many thanks everyone, I’d especially like to thank our new Chief of Content Sam Hiller [MSU] for all the fancy articles, Spencer Jardine [SVSU] and Josh Raymer [WKU 2010] for posting videos and goodies on the Facebook. And everyone who submitted their contact info and team bio pages. Wink.

Good luck on the rest of the Season and don’t forget to enjoy the holidays. Lots of stuff coming up, so keep checking the forums and the website for new content. And occasionally we’ll post what features are new through the twitter.


Zigmas Maloni #68
General Coordinator
National Collegiate Dodgeball Association

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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