Girls, Stats, and more

Hi everyone long time no talk…many things have happened here in Bowling Green, OH and I thought it was time to share. First of all we have another girl…yay! But I still expect more out of the girls here at BGSU hopefully we will make the number 3 or 4 by the end of this year…hopefully. Also just wanted to inform everyone that I’ve been talking with STATS a company who provides statistics for professional leagues like the NFL, MLS, and NASCAR just to name a few. Hopefully if things go alright we can get official stats like we’ve been talking about all summer and we won’t have to do them. Last but not least I’m excited to get game play going in a couple of weeks on the 14th. We’ve been looking pretty good at practice and if I do say so myself I and the rest of my team have improved. I can’t wait to see everyone and hopefully get some wins for this season!

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