Future Stars of the East Coast

There are a lot of big names that have come out of the East Coast over the years, but today we’re giving you a preview of those who are on their way.  Each of these young players have shown the talent and drive to eventually become leaders of their team, and prominent dodgeballers in the NCDA for years to come.  Let’s take a look at some of these prospects.

Colin Moerman

Towson has a talented roster this year, but even with a lot of experienced veterans, Moerman has found a way to shine in big moments.  This lefty has a solid arm and is capable of shifting the tide of matches.  He even found himself in Towson’s overtime roster against GVSU, and made plenty of big catches during the match to keep Towson in it.  In Moerman, I see a kid who can be a lot like Jeremy Brown, a very solid and consistent piece for Towson for years to come.

Alex Hussey

Hussey has been a very good catcher this season, even with the limited amount of minutes he has played.  He recognizes what his role is on this team and what he needs to do in order for them to have the best chance to win.

Dylan Jungert

Jungert is a project type of player for Towson.  He has great tools to work with, but just needs some more time and fine-tuning of his current skills.  There is a strong arm on this kid, and with more experience and work on his accuracy and timing he could be the next big power thrower for this team.

Hayden Otchere

His long, strong arm made him one of the best players on this team already, but his willingness to catch and athletic dodging make him the guy with the most upside and potential to be a great player. He seems like a dodgeball vet already.

Logan Davidson

Davidson provided consistent play throughout the first semester with his strong arm and ability to stay in the game. He makes little to no mistakes, and will be a lot of fun to see when he becomes more aggressive.

Davon Harris

Harris keeps opponents on their back line with aggressive movement by evading throws and being one of the best ball blockers on this team. While his skills are still developing, he carved out an impactful non-traditional role for himself on the court.

Jarod Baker

Better known by the name Jesus, he is currently a sophomore.  However, he is one of the team’s best overall players and has a terrifying presence on the court. He’s got a hell of an arm (probably PSU’s best arm) and can catch pretty much anything thrown his way.  Expect him to step up as captain once Jeff Schwartz and Morgan McLean graduate.

Brett Miller

Brett is a sophomore and is arguably one of the best catchers in the league. Throughout this season, Brett has also improved his tricky throw that often ends up hitting the opponents’ feet. He will definitely become a leader for PSU very soon.

Adam Cook

This kid has a wicked cross, and he can catch even the most experienced players off guard. He’s also an above average catcher.  This is the only true freshman to make his way onto the main roster that is overloaded with experience and talent.  Expect him to be a captain in a few years.

Ryan Fricker

Fricker is a junior rookie but he has experience after playing Elite for 3+ years.  Perhaps his greatest strength is his strategy.  He knows how to play, and is a fantastic team player.  Fricker has a decent arm, and often makes catches in clutch situations.  He’s definitely made PSU a better team regarding ball control with him on the court.

Jake Parker

He’s a good all around player with solid court awareness and makes smart decisions. The focus of his game is catching, with the capability to turn the tide in close points.

Jonathan Smith

While he might have the most bland name on this list, his play is anything but that.  This kid is an absolute stud and will be an All-American at some point, I guarantee that.  With a strong left arm and hands to match he has already turned some heads this season.  His most notable moment this season came against SVSU in overtime when he caught MVP candidate Nick Hazergian to give his team a chance for a comeback.  Everyone needs to keep an eye out for him for years to come.

Jason Souder

Souder is another young player teams should pay attention to.  He has a good arm but his catching is what sets him apart from other rookies in the league.  There’s a lot of Joey Cardella in this kid which is good for the future of JMU Dodgeball.

Ike Fleckenstein

Even with only a year under his belt, Fleckenstein has become a big part of VCU’s offense.  A baseball and soccer player by trade, he has both the arm power and endurance to go the distance and has had big performances throughout the season.  In his first semester he was selected to be on VCU’s overtime roster, and has potential to be the main guy for the Rams for years to come.

Garrett Couell

Couell probably has the most leadership potential out of the newest class of VCU players.  He is a solid all-around option who can be asked to throw when needed and can make catches when it matters.  Look for Couell to be the next big leader for the Rams sooner than later.

Karthik Sathiyaseelar

Sathiyaseelar might be the most talented player on VCU’s roster as a whole.  His power throw is as strong as anyone’s in the league and he is at his best in counter-throwing situations.  With a little more time and development he has a legitimate shot at becoming an All-American player during his career.  The biggest thing for him is cutting down on mistakes and learning the rhythm of his game.

Brendan Ackelsonn

Brendan comes equiped with a helluva throw with a crazy curve. Whether it’s down the line or across the court, he is starting to make sure everyone at UVA knows where he is on the court at all times. He is also the only player to claim the faceshot bounty on Jeremy Shaw in the past 2 years. Don’t be surprised to see a lot more of his name in the coming years.

Jack Rasmussen

Despite once being knocked down and out of bounds by JMU’s Doug Schilling (on a clean block), Jack is truly becoming a great all-around player. He’s pulled off clutch catches against players like MVP candidate Kris DeJesus and has a difficult-to-predict left handed throw that could be deadly with a little more power. Now if only he could keep his tongue in his mouth when he throws…

Paul Imbrogulio

Paul is another example of a complete package player, equipped with a strong throw, good hands, and a great mind for dodgeball. It’s almost impossible to catch him off-guard, but he’ll certainly return the favor if you slip up. If Paul’s throwing skills catch up to his catching and game-awareness, expect to see him on the opposite side of the court if you play UVA in OT.

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