St Ambrose Analysis

This past weekend, three teams joined the league. One team hosted their own event: St. Ambrose hosted DePaul Dodgeball and Wisconsin Platteville in a Round Robin. Troy Dixon and I traveled to help Officiate the event. In this article, we perform an in depth analysis based on our on site observations.

The Court and St. Ambrose University

Zigmas Maloni: Let’s start with the Court, location and any intricacies related to dodgeball played on this surface. Any thoughts?  Continue reading “St Ambrose Analysis”

Midwest Mayhem: St. Ambrose

DAVENPORT – Lee Lohman Arena: With the conclusion of St. Ambrose’s Midwest Mayhem, I figure I’d let the small audience that views the League in on the events in Davenport, Iowa. In many ways I still consider the website getting views by only a dozen or so people, but that’s getting off the point. Continue reading “Midwest Mayhem: St. Ambrose”

Ultimate Dodgeball Championships: GVSU Places 3rd


The Grand Valley State University dodgeball team is not used to being underdogs.  This weekend for the Ultimate Dodgeball Championships in Las Vegas they were.  The Lakers needed to win the Facebook vote contest to capture the 8th seed going into the tournament. When I asked about what the other teams expected from them. Senior Kenny Bacchus (#32) “We were definitely the underdogs of the tournament, because of just getting in by the Facebook vote. Even when we got there, we found out that we were the youngest team there, so we knew that we had a lot to prove to all the other teams.” Continue reading “Ultimate Dodgeball Championships: GVSU Places 3rd”