Alumni Appreciation: Josh Raymer

We’ll start this off with the guy that brought into a great existence, and the podcast, and recruiting, and many other things. Felix Perrone [WKU-76] writes about his former WKU Captain, Josh Raymer. 

Josh Raymer has done two good things in his life; yes only two.

First, he married a woman who is WAY out of his league. I mean, his wife is seriously hot. But before he put the Raymer-charm on this beautiful woman and woo-ed her into matrimony, he created the dodgeball club at WKU which has changed the lives of every single member since its creation in 2006.

He has created a club that has spawned countless friendships, a great place for those weird kids we always seem to attract, to find their place at the university and open them to possibilities that may not have existed before, and of course given everyone a sense of belonging, friendship, and networking without the financial constraints of a fraternity. Also he gave everyone a chance to hit others in the face with balls.

These friendships and connections were not limited to WKU either, because of Raymer’s hard work with the club, we all have friends spanning the Midwest that we could call for a place to crash on a couch or have the occasional adult beverage with (although here at WKU we do not condone the use of alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics while on WKU sponsored events or trips (happy WKU Sport Clubs Dept?)).

Raymer has also done some other interesting, but not necessarily good things, with his life since graduation. He helped the team with their planning of the 2011 NCDA National Tournament for no other compensation other than to see the smiles on everyone’s face when they realized they were attending the greatest event known to man! He also worked as a sports writer for the Frankfort State Journal in the Bluegrass State capitol. He now has returned to WKU working as a Innovative Coordinator for The Center of Gifted Studies, where he recruits, markets, and designs events for Kentucky’s brightest youth.

But like I said earlier, his greatest accomplishment was marrying that hottie with a body. Oh, and I guess the dodgeball thing too. That was good.

– Felix Perrone [WKU-76]

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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