Proposal on the Size of the Game

Rule Proposal by Jeff Starr

Before I even get into it, I know this will cause a lot of backlash and I want to hear it all :).

Roster size down from 20 to 13, teams from 15v15 to 10v10. Legitimate JV league.


Decreases game times, friendly to both large and small teams.

When there are 10 people on the court the game is simply going to take less time than 15.

Larger teams would be able to travel with a JV team, total of 26 players max which is more than what we have now. This way freshman can get a chance to play at tournaments and have incentive to try to make it to the Varsity team. Small teams would need to bring 10 players to field an entire team and not play at any disadvantage. Let’s say 8 was the minimum, still easier for teams to come to tournaments. Newer teams would it be as discouraged from going to tournaments because instead of OU facing GVSU they could face the JV GVSU team and they might have a chance.


There are certain other things that would probably would/need to come along with this change:


With the shot clock staying the same all game it would be easier for new guys to shot clock in tournaments. We could also move to a real 15 second shot clock using the scoreboards, when the buzzer goes off it is a shot clock violation if a throw is made all that you need to do as a shot clock is press a button. This would remove the humor error in counting and make the shot clock consistent. Personally one of the things that makes me the maddest is when 2 shot clocks count differently so this could be moving to solve that.


Somehow integrating JV teams into nationals/rankings. (Probably a separate set of rankings and bracket at nationals)


Running up and down the courts might be too much with smaller team sizes so we may need to decrease the size of the court in order to keep the game fun and interesting


Instead of 50 minute games, maybe just 30 minutes into 2 15-minute halves.

I know I left a lot of this up in the air and that’s because I don’t expect it to become rule but I believe that there are a lot of positives of changing to this format.

I more than look forward to all of your comments.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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