2020 College Dodgeball All-American 2nd Team

1) Alex Jonauskas – Grand Valley State

Jonauskas comes in one spot shy of making the 1st Team after another strong season. This GVSU star has been a force for years in Allendale, Michigan. Jonauskas developed over the years into a strong leader, and well-rounded player for the GVSU Lakers. His survivability and knack for making clutch plays as the last man standing helped him gain recognition. In his final year as a college dodgeballer, Jonauskas stepped up as a leader and playmaker and helped Grand Valley to an undefeated season prior to the season being stopped due to COVID-19. Congrats to Jonauskas on making the list!

2) Jake Larsen – Ohio

If you step on the court against the Ohio Bobcats, you had best be ready to take a heater from number 6. Jake Larsen had a hell of a sophomore season, following up on a brilliant Rookie of the Year debut as a freshman in 2018/19. While Larsen is known as a fiery fastball flinger, he drastically improved his catching ability this season as well. Time after time you would see Jake lull his opponents to sleep thinking they had a free kill, only to have Jake turn at the last moment and make the catch. Despite playing through injury for the majority of the season, Larsen once again proved he ranks up there with the absolute best.

3) Jacob Weber – Akron

Jacob Weber finds himself a couple spots shy of 1st Team this season, but that’s no knock on his capability. A sophomore, Jacob took over the reins as captain of a scrappy Akron team, loaded with much more star power in years past. Nonetheless, Jacob lead his team to a top 12 finish in the Gonzalez Rankings after an up and down season for the Zips. Jacob might not be a household name to a lot of folks outside of Ohio yet, but his live arm, athleticism, intelligence, and natural leadership abilities give him the tools to rank amongst the best players in the country. Next season Jacob will find himself in a new uniform as he transfers to the University of Cincinnati. It will be exciting to see what Jacob and the Bearcats will be able to accomplish.

4) Zane Durbin – Virginia

Zane has always been a force to be reckoned with on the East Coast for many years and in his final season made the All-American list. Due to his achievements within the past 4 seasons, his dominance, and his leadership skills, Zane will be viewed as one of the great if not the greatest Cavalier player past, present, and future. He will be the standard that future Cavaliers will have to follow.

5) Jacob Georges – Michigan State

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Jacob Georges is one of the most unknown players on this list. The amount of talent and ability he has gained in two seasons of NCDA play is incredible and he will truly be one of the biggest threats in the country next season. This year, he consistently made big play after big play, coupling huge hits with clutch catches. His arm and catching abilities were next-level and he quickly established himself as one of the top Spartans. Jacob has the potential to be the best player in any room he steps into. He is set up to showcase arguably the best arm in the country in the upcoming season. Jacob’s play makes an argument to be even higher on this list currently, however I believe next year he will leave no doubt and become a household name for the NCDA.

6) Jared Colden – Wisconsin Platteville

In his second year, he has made tremendous improvements. His throw is faster and more accurate and his ability to catch has improved tremendously.  When he is playing well on the court, UWP is very tough to play against.  I can’t wait to see what he is able to accomplish next season and if can keep improving. 

7) Eric Nelson – Central Michigan

CMU Goes 2–1 at RedHawk Invite - Frank BCA332 - Medium

Eric Nelson makes the 2nd Team in 2020 after a strong season. An strategist and emotional leader for Central Michigan, Nelson stepped up in 2020 after the departure of some top players in 2019 to help transition CMU. With great instincts as a catcher, and a sidearm throw that is very effective, Nelson is a force on the court, and was a big reason why CMU was able to remain a dangerous team in the NCDA this year.

8) Brandon Kirby – Towson

The President of Towson finds himself on this list due to his calm demeanor and his consistency on the court. Every time Towson needed a big play, he made it. Brandon Kirby plays a balanced game that allows him to play both offense and defense with confidence.

9) Josh Warnecke – Ohio

Making his debut as a 2nd Team All American, is Josh Warnecke. I know we say this about a lot of folks, but Josh Warnecke may very well be the single most underrated player in all of college dodgeball. Josh was voted team MVP for the Bobcats this season and is very deserving of recognition nationally. Warnecke is an all-around talented player, who takes advantage of a stellar arm and a high on the court IQ to outplay his opponents. The Bobcats didn’t drop many games this season, and a huge part of that is due to the immense talent of Josh Warnecke.

10) Ike Fleckenstein – Virginia Commonwealth

Nationals 2018 All-Tournament Team – NCDA

Dubbed ‘Mr. Reliable’ by NCDA great Kevin Bailey as a Freshman, Fleckenstein has continued to be that consistent figurehead for the Rams.  He was able to lead VCU to their highest regular season ranking ever while serving as captain, and came up with plenty of clutch plays this past season.  Look for him to continue to be the focal point for VCU as he heads into his Senior season next year.

T-11) Daniel LaJeunesse – Kentucky

Tied for last on 2nd Team, but certainly not least, is Daniel LaJeunesse. The MVP of the South region this season, Daniel has proven himself to be an extremely versatile player, who always leaves everything he’s got out on the court. A jack of all trades, Daniel can do it all; throw your favorite player out, catch your team’s hardest thrower – and he’ll do it all with a smile. Making 2nd Team AA is a much-deserved accolade for Daniel, who has had a heck of a career with the Wildcats.

T-11) Jacob Sebranek – Wisconsin Platteville

Jacob was one of the main players on UWP’s team this year. He attended every tournament that the club participated in. He is a competitor at every level and is always looking to better his game. The skill that really improved for him this year was his catching ability. It was more consistent, which was beneficial in key moments in our games.

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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