2018 Executive Board Election

There are five positions on the eight Director Executive Board that need filling.

Following the NCDA’s voting policy, the vote will be preferential. Teams will submit their ballot by ranking each candidate in order of their preference and email this ballot to the League (ncdadodgeball@gmail.com). The most preferred candidate in each position will be offered the respective position on the Executive Board.


1. Vibius Minucius Pius

1. Decimus Iuventius Paetus

Open Directorships (three available positions)
1. Quintus Laelius Lucanus
2. Marcus Hostilius Regulus
3. Galerius Floridius Burrus
4. Paullus Marius Lucullus

In accordance with our Constitution, Voting will run from 2017-06-15 until 2017-06-25. The new board will be announced no later than 2017-07-01, with the start of the NCDA fiscal year.


– Felix Perrone

– Mike McNicholas

Open Directorships (three available positions)
– Dylan Fettig
– Zigmas Maloni
– Colin O’Brien
– Wes Peters

Candidate CAMPAIGN Paragraphs

The following contains paragraphs from each candidate seeking a position on the Executive Board. If you have any questions for the candidates, let them know or post them here! 

Open Directorships

There are three available positions. Ballots will rank the four candidates in order of preference. The three most preferred will be elected.

Dylan Fettig (GVSU Alumni)

I am Dylan Fettig, I am a GVSU alumnus and have remained active with the club by serving as the head coach for the last 2 years. I am running for one of the new NCDA executive board “open” positions this year. This new structure is an awesome idea because it allows us to specifically use our personal skills and interests to create the exact board position that we want to have. My interests focus on two main areas officiating and coaching.

I personally can’t stand watching a poorly officiated game. I know dodgeball is a difficult game to officiate and that there are times where things get crazy, but I believe that there is more that the league can do to better prepare officials for games. Things like having a couple of rules videos, articles offering tips while reffing, and even getting a ref certification test going would all help improve the overall quality of officiating games.

Besides working on officiating topics I am extremely interested in developing content to help improve the gameplay of the teams throughout the league. At nationals this year I saw many teams that just needed to figure out a little bit more strategy and they would have been wildly successful. What I want to do is create a series of videos and articles describing different skills and strategies. I would be using my own knowledge as well as interviewing top players from around the league to create a wonderful resource for the whole league to benefit from. I believe this would be especially helpful for new teams coming into the league so that their first tournament doesn’t seem like as much of a trial by fire situation.

I believe that with a little coaching we could have 16 teams in our league next year be considered as serious title contenders. I hope to be able to help make that happen because I am sick of these michigan schools winning all the time.

Thanks for your time,
Dylan Fettig

Zigmas Maloni (DePaul Alumni)

We are the premier Collegiate Dodgeball organization. Over the past 13 seasons, the NCDA has grown from five participating schools to bring dodgeball to student athletes of 46 schools. We’re still growing. I am thankful to be a part of this, putting in thousands of hours working with the League.

I’m looking forward to having more hands on deck to improve the League. Any of the other three candidates for the open positions will do a great job fulfilling the duties of Officiating in my stead. As a Director on the Executive Board, I can act in the capacity similar to a Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the media, records, and brand identity of the NCDA when there’s no great individual available to do the work. I absolutely love doing the Records, it’s fun for me.

My focus would be to work together with the Board and Staff, to continue improving the League for its current and future participants. My consideration is all players throughout the League, not just those in Michigan, or at the top of the Rankings. I’ve always made sure the needs and concerns of our Member Teams were at the Board’s table. Giving our outlier teams a fair shake is as important as hearing the voice of our new upcoming members.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’ve always been happy to answer any Direct comments or concerns. As always, continue having fun!

Zigmas Maloni
NCDA Director of Officiating (and Records) 2015-2017
NCDA President 2013-2015
NCDA General Coordinator 2011-2013
DePaul Dodgeball #68-A

Colin O’Brien (MSU Alumni)

I think I am very qualified to serve on the NCDA Executive Board, especially due to the most recent change that both expanded the E-Board as well as made the members less strictly defined within one role. For those who are unaware, I played four and a half seasons in the NCDA, serving as an assistant captain or captain for my sophomore through senior seasons. In that time, I became more and more active within the league. I began talking policy proposals and offering my input on rule changes following my freshman year. I’m sure those within the captain’s club became quite familiar with the rule or policy proposals that I was a part of at the end of this past season, if they were not already familiar from seasons past. I proposed those changes because due to my dodgeball experience, which includes 2+ years of playing under the Elite ruleset, I believe there are things we can change to make the NCDA even better than it already is. I know what it takes to lead a team, sustain competitiveness on the court, grow and maintain a club and all the challenges that go along with those aspects of college dodgeball. Every proposal I make for the league I make because I believe it will better the NCDA as a whole. I have devoted a great deal of time to the NCDA and I believe serving on the E-Board is the next step in that dedication.

Beyond my experience and desire to help the growth of the league, I believe I also bring several other positive aspects to the Executive Board table. I wrote for the NCDA content team for two and a half years. Even though I most likely would not serve as Chief of Content under the new board with less strict titles, I could nonetheless aid said Chief with the direction of the content team due to my experience. I would continue to write and contribute to the Content team, albeit in a less first-person, on the court perspective as my playing career has come to an end. In regard to the duties that were formerly relegated to the Director of Officiating, I believe I can be a great asset there as well. I know the pros and cons of the NCDA ruleset as well as other dodgeball rulesets. I have reffed countless games in my career and know the difficulties associated with such a duty. I am a detail oriented person and could easily help with the record keeping needed to keep the standings and results up to date. Furthermore, one of the most hot button issues as of late has been the rankings formula for the league. I have spent numerous hours researching various ranking systems and testing possible tweaks to our system, culminating in Kevin Bailey and I’s policy proposal. I do not believe it is a perfect solution, but I do believe it is a step in the right direction. On the E-Board, I would continue to research and test possible changes to the rankings system in the future so that we may always have rankings that best suit the unique needs of our league.

Finally, I believe my educational experience could be a great asset to the league. In undergrad, I majored in marketing and in graduate school I expanded on that with a masters of marketing research. I believe the marketing of the NCDA could be vastly improved, although I commend the individuals who have already begun to try to improve this aspect of the league. Nonetheless, we all want the league to continue to grow and I believe my knowledge and experience could greatly aid that process. I already have some ideas that I would love to be able to implement and see come to fruition to help such a cause.

I think my passion for the league, involvement with the sport of dodgeball, and educational experience would be a great benefit to the NCDA E-Board. Furthermore, my versatility coincides perfectly with the change to the Executive Board set-up where each member could have a more diverse set of responsibilities and involvement. I hope I earn your vote and can serve on the Executive Board of the league that provided so much to my college experience.

Wes Peters (MSU & CMU Alumni)

I’ve decided to run after being nominated for the position of Director of Officiating for numerous reasons. First, you all know me very well by now I would imagine. Yes, I’ve been known to be a loud mouth on the court, complaining whenever I feel my team has been slighted, or I feel a rule has been incorrectly enforced. However, I’ve also been around the league for 7+ years now, serving in a leadership role on CMU or MSU for 5 of those such years.

I’ve also maintained a steady presence on the NCDA forums (RIP) and the much more popular Captain’s Club Facebook page. I’ve proposed numerous rules over the years and have lent my opinion in discussion of damn near every other rule proposed by others. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been one of the most involved people in this league since I started playing, and now that my actual playing days are (finally) behind me, I’d like to take a more active role in continuing to move the league that I hold so close to my heart in the right direction, as a member of the League’s E-Board.

As an active player, I started shot clocking matches my first season and feel as though I’ve developed into an incredibly reliable head official over the years. Furthermore, games such as GVSU vs. SVSU has been some of my favorite to be in charge of refereeing, while I know many others hate trying to control matchups of that level of intensity. I’ve of course read the rulebook front and back many times, and plan to look into it much more as it would now pertain to my potential position as Director of Officiating.

To conclude, I feel like Zigmas has done a fantastic job of getting the league where it is as the head of officiating, and I feel that I can continue to build off of what he has accomplished so far. Finally, I feel that it would be a unique change of pace to have someone as the Director of Officiating who has played many years worth of heated matchups coming from the Michigan region, and can bring a different perspective to the position. Thank you.


There is only one candidate for Treasurer.

Mike McNicholas (DePaul Alum) – After two years on the Bard, I feel some of you may still not know me, asides from being the guy who collects your money. My name is Mike McNicholas, and I am running for Treasurer of the NCDA. I am a recent alumnus of DePaul Dodgeball. I am currently a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) licensed in Illinois, and have spent the past two years out of school working as an auditor for a public accounting firm. I specialize in non-profit & higher education entities. With my certifications & experience, I feel I am the most qualified to oversee the financial aspects of the NCDA, especially during this time of great growth & expansion to all corners of the country. I will continue to maintain our 501(c)(3) status, as well as make sure we are financially prepared to continue growing. Recently with the league, I have been involved in researching how to protect our identity & brand through registrations & trademarks, as well as obtaining support for out tax exempt status, so that we may attract larger & newer sponsors for our events & league. If elected, I will be looking into establishing clear financial guidelines & policies for the league, as well as move us from the cash basis of accounting to the accrual basis of accounting, which is more in line with GAAP, and would benefit us in the future form an accounting standpoint, especially as we continue to see growth. I will continue to cast my vote on all issues the board may from a financial perspective, as well as with the voice of the members, past or current, of the league. I feel my experience of having played for DePaul, versus some other schools give me a unique perspective on league matters. If you have any questions about my bid for treasurer, or if you would like to hear more of why you should choose me as treasurer before you cast your ballot, feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you for your consideration.
Mike McNicholas, CPA
Chicago, IL
DePaul Alum, #10


There is only one candidate for President.

Felix Perrone (WKU Alum) I am seeking reelection as President of the NCDA because I want to continue to help this organization move in the right direction. Since I joined the league as a player back in 2008, I have been as involved as possible to work toward legitimizing the NCDA. For those of you who do not know me, I attended Western Kentucky University for both undergraduate and graduate school through 2014, holding the various positions of Captain, Asst Captain, President, Treasurer, and Advisor throughout my playing career. From an NCDA perspective, I have held several administrative positions including League Expansion Officer (2009-2013), Director of Nationals (2010-2011), Rulebook Editing staff member (2013-present), Treasurer (2013-2015), and President (2015-present).

We’re looking to move the NCDA to the next level and have some exciting things in store. We’re developing relationships with other dodgeball organizations not only in the United States, but internationally as well. With dodgeball’s increased media exposure in the last couple of years, this is our time to bring the NCDA to the forefront to demonstrate our prowess. By membership, the NCDA is the largest dodgeball organization in the United States, and possibly the world (I don’t have data to back that up, but I don’t personally know of a larger organization). With the help of the other members of the NCDA Executive Board and all our staff, I want to help guide this organization to further development and a public-status only fantasied about by the founders of the NCDA.

Together, we can make our alumni proud, our players notable, and our future exciting.

Felix Perrone
President, NCDA

About the Executive Board

There are five open seats and each of these five holds voting power on the Executive Board. The Exec Board is flat entity, so votes hold the same weight between all directors. Everyone is required to help out and contribute. However, each director has an area of responsibility which the League can rely on to carry out its needed activities. Need to file taxes? Boom, Treasurer is responsible to make it so.


Member Teams are left to their own devices to determine their preferences. However, some teams in the past like to run their own mini-preferential election within the team. Some may have each officer submit a preferential ballot. Some have their entire club membership vote. Let me me know if you would like this. I can count those in our voting program and deliver your team’s preferential ballot through that process.


Starting with the 2015 Executive Board, the NCDA has determined that the special relationship with Alumni in our League warrants representation. To this effect, the Committee of Alumni Relations was established, and Alumni may cast ballots for the election of the Executive Board. These ballots will be collected, counted and then a single ballot submitted as the same status as a Member Team.

It’s my hope that this rewards, in a way, the contributions of this group to the NCDA, and that it promotes future contributions, voices, and working hands to help guide the NCDA.

Alumni may vote using this form: https://goo.gl/forms/apKYfxa7Bwe7zVUl1

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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