2018 2nd Team All-Americans

Listed below are your 2nd Team All-Americans.  The 1st Team can be found here.

T-1) Kenny Mize

Saginaw Valley State University

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Kenny Mize comes in tied for the top spot on the 2nd Team All-American list.  Kenny has become one of the more well-known players in the league thanks to his leadership for SVSU and his ability to lead his team with catching.  He was one the main reasons for his team’s success down the stretch this season.  Mize returns next year for Saginaw, as they will look to build on their Final Four appearance from 2018.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

T-1) Kris DeJesus

Stevenson University

I don’t know if anyone has more passion for the sport of dodgeball than Kristofer DeJesus.  Whether it’s the NCDA, Elite, or UDC, DeJesus finds any way, time, or place to get on the dodgeball court.  DeJesus has been the heart and soul of Stevenson’s team since its inception while making countless highlight reel moments along the way.  Sorry to scare any opponents, but he’s still got some more time in the league as a graduate student for the Mustangs, and trust me, he’ll still be bringing everything he’s got.

-Written by Hunter Ford

3) Sam Stockdale

Grand Valley State University

Sam Stockdale has been a stud for GVSU for several years now, and he is finally starting to get the type of recognition he deserves.  The assistant captain for GVSU was a key part of their offense all year, including a dominant performance at MDC.  Sam returns next year for GVSU, as they look to win a 7th-consecutive title.  I would be shocked if Stockdale didn’t make 1st Team All-American in 2019.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

4) Zach Parise

University of Kentucky

Zach Parise has probably been one of the most underrated players in the league for a couple seasons.  His tactics and court awareness have been his biggest assets as a player over the course of his career.  Serving as President, assistant captain, and helping out with Nationals 2017, Parise has pretty much done it all for UK both on and off the court.  The NCDA will certainly miss a player like him, who has shown nothing but skill and class in his four years.

-Written by Hunter Ford

T-5) Payton Schuster

Michigan State University

Payton Schuster is the only freshman to make either of the All-American lists this year, and it’s not hard to see why.  Schuster is already one of the fiercest competitors in the NCDA and has a skill set to match that intensity.  Being one of the top throwers and strongest athletes as a freshman, the sky isn’t even the limit for this kid, it’s probably somewhere at the edge of the Milky Way.  With a little more time and practice, Schuster has a chance to etch his name into the NCDA history books.

-Written by Hunter Ford

T-5) Alex Jonauskas

Grand Valley State University

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Alex Jonauskas had quite the breakout year in 2018.  The junior for GVSU made a name for himself with a strong performance at MDC, followed up with a heroic comeback overtime win over Towson at BEAST.  Jonauskas’s season was so great that his teammates voted him one of their two All-Stars.  Jonauskas also returns next season for GVSU.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

7) Kyle Bruce

Saginaw Valley State University

Kyle Bruce is one of the top all-around players for SVSU.  The standout moment for him this season was how well he was able to play for SVSU at Nationals.  Kyle is both a dangerous thrower and catcher, and his ability to do both helped SVSU make it to the Final Four in 2018.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

8) Hunter Ford

Virginia Commonwealth University

It is no surprise to anyone that Hunter Ford made his way on to this list, as he is arguably one of the most well known names in college dodgeball right now, and for good reason. Serving as the captain for the VCU Rams, it was unclear whether or not we would see much playtime from Hunter after having surgery on his torn labrum in the off-season, but he certainly did not let that stop him. His leadership played a key role in the wins the Rams took during many of their nail-biting matches throughout the season, and as his arm got stronger he showed off his ability to be an all-around threat on the court. I don’t think anyone has forgotten the “catch heard ’round the world” he made in the final moments of VCU’s upset over SVSU at Nationals. His dedication to the league has been tremendous, serving as a member of the NCDA content team and as the 2018 Director of Nationals, cementing his name in the league’s history books as he closes out his college career.

-Written by Zach Rivera

9) Tyler Broyles

Bowling Green State University

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Tyler Broyles finished off his last season of dodgeball on a high note.  The emotional leader for BGSU he led his team to their first Final Four in program history.  After years of being an under the radar player in the league, Tyler finally is getting some recognition.  His season was good for a 2nd Team All-American nod.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

10) Adam Hynes

Ohio University

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Adam Hynes is finally hanging it up after a very impressive career.  A top player for Ohio this season and last, Hynes also played multiple years for Bowling Green State earlier in his career.  One of the hardest throwers in the country, it is great to see Hynes being sent off with All-Ohio and 2nd Team All-American honors.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

11) Ben Smart

Grand Valley State University

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Few players throughout the league made as big of a statement at Nationals as GVSU second-year player Ben Smart.  Smart has positioned himself as one of the most feared catchers in the NCDA.  It will be very exciting to see how he develops as a player next year.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

12) Torao Ota

Virginia Commonwealth University

If there’s one defining characteristic of Torao Ota, it has to be his unbreakable smile.  Alright, but besides that, Ota has been one of the best athletes in VCU history with a surprisingly strong throw and great footwork which makes him one of the toughest outs on the court.  Ota will go down as a VCU legend for years to come.

-Written by Hunter Ford




Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

2 thoughts on “2018 2nd Team All-Americans”

  1. Some other players that I feel deserve to be recognized for their efforts this season:
    Joey Stack Akron
    Adam Pfeifer Akron
    Colby Briceland Akron
    Max Kowalski BGSU
    Reid Manger BGSU
    Alec Scott DePaul
    Ben Tubergen GVSU
    Mitchell Aldridge Kent
    David Haberman Kent
    Logan Baird Kent
    Albert DePerro Kent
    Tom Morand Miami
    Dominic Tyburski Miami
    Noe Galaviz MSU
    Rebecca Shappell MSU
    Jacob Hulbert OSU
    Jeff Schwartz PSU
    Jake Saam PSU
    Brett Miller PSU
    Mario Romanelli Stevenson
    Cody Putnam SVSU
    David Guare Towson
    Colin Moerman Towson
    Nathan Stock UMD
    Kyle Dattelbaum UNG
    Zane Durbin UVA
    Jeremy Shaw UVA
    Wayne Shortt VCU

    1. Some other players I missed:
      Owen Sill BGSU
      DJ Murdock Ohio
      Casey Bielec CMU
      Nick Bohlim UNL
      Edwin Calvillo UWP
      Ricardo Menchaca Kentucky
      Ethan Kraus UCF
      Jonathan Soward Towson
      Hunter Whitehill MSU
      Kameron Caldwell MSU
      Garrett McGurl JMU
      Jonathan Smith JMU
      Cole Flora JMU

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