2017 All-East Coast Team

The long awaited All-East Coast list has finally arrived.  Member teams of the East Coast include JMU, PSU, Stevenson, Towson, UMD, UVA, and VCU.  Representatives from each team submitted one ballot each in order to help pick this team.  There was at least one representative per team on this list, and it certainly highlights the special leaders and players from this past season.  While heavy on upperclassmen, plenty of these players will also be returning for the 2017-18 season as well.

Here are your 2016-17 All-East Coast selections:

1. Michael Hinely-Towson (East Coast P.O.Y.)

Hinely got plenty of praise this year, and for good reason.  The standout Junior received plenty of accolades this year including October Baller of the Month, #3 on the All-American list, and was named Captain for Towson for the 2017-18 season.  He helped lead his team to a 21-7-2 record this season which placed them at #5 in the country.  His best trait is certainly his throw which averages around 70 mph when he’s on and has more dip than a southern farmer.  There is no doubt he will be a top candidate next year for league MVP along with East Coast MVP.
-Hunter Ford

2. Doug Schilling-JMU

Doug is an absolute beast of a dodgeball player. He is truly a dodgeball superstar. On the offensive end, he will give you the hardest lefty throw you have ever seen. And on the other end of the court, throwing anywhere near him will likely result in a catch and his signature cash-money fingers. Actually, Johnny Football might have trademarked that… whatever. This guy can seriously win a game single-handedly, just ask Michigan State about their overtime game with JMU last year. He won’t just be competing for East Coast player of the year next season; Doug will certainly have something to say about who wins league MVP.
-Jeremy Brown

3. Kristofer DeJesus-Stevenson

The NCDA did not get the pleasure of seeing Kris play a whole lot, but he certainly left a lasting impression on the East Coast. Just like the two guys listed above him, Kris is a flat out freak talent at dodgeball. He can deliver a scorching throw from multiple arm angles, and also snag a throw from anybody in the league. Just having Kris on the court made Stevenson a threat to score every point. While Kris is officially a college graduate, we can only hope he pulls a LeBron and takes his talents elsewhere next season.

4. Hunter Ford-VCU

The catalyst of VCU’s dodgeball ascent finds himself at number 4 on the East Coast team, and for good reason. Hunter combines his throwing and catching skills with great court vision, making him incredibly tough to get out. Hunter is one of the smartest players on the East Coast, and has some seriously (not) top secret code words to help coordinate his team’s attack. It is kind of ridiculous what he has done at VCU in such a short time. It wasn’t that long ago that VCU was an after-thought in the NCDA, and now they’re taking Michigan schools to overtime and hosting nationals. Hunter has seriously done wonders for his team, and he’ll look to keep making the climb next season.

5. Joseph Bringuier-JMU

Joe is one of my favorite kinds of competitors. Off the court, he is one of the nicest guys you will meet. But once the game starts, he’s got some serious swagger. Joe was one of JMU’s top threats this past season, and his placing on this list is clearly an indicator of his success. Joe helped lead Doug-less JMU to an undefeated day at VCU this past spring, including an awesome back-and-forth overtime win against Towson. He was one of the top leaders in dodgeball, and one of the most talented as well.

6. Jeremy Brown-Towson

In his last season, Jeremy Brown had quite the breakout year.  His development is what many people hope for in a college athlete.  This is someone who may or may not start off as the most talented player, but continuously works on his craft to become better and improves year after year.  Without a doubt he was one of Towson’s best players in their best year as a program.  The Tigers will be losing a good all-around player who has great awareness on the court.

7. Jeremy Shaw-UVA

A year after recovering from an ACL injury, Jeremy Shaw finds himself getting some well deserved recognition.  The Kent State graduate student was one of the people who helped start the UVA Dodgeball program, and has certainly made an impact as both player and administrator.  Jeremy plays with a lot of energy and athleticism on the court which is rivaled by few and certainly has helped create motivation for a young Cavalier team.  Next year he will be returning along with the entire UVA squad so expect a lot from them during the 2017-18 season.

8. Justin Anderson-UMD

It would be very tough to bring up Maryland this year without also bringing up Justin’s name in the same sentence.  The Senior was an important player for the Terps who also was one of the main players that helped keep this team together.  He was a solid catcher throughout the year with a quick release throw that could also catch people off guard.  It will be tough for this UMD team to find another leader like Justin, but he certainly leaves behind a model that his teammates can learn from.

9. Wayne Shortt-VCU

While he has yet to receive the hype he deserves, teams better be on the lookout for this guy next season. Wayne is one of VCU’s hardest throwers, and he combines that with some quick reflexes that turn into some highlight reel catches. He makes catching look incredibly nonchalant. As a competitor of VCU’s, we quickly recognized Wayne as one of the main guys to target and get out of the game. Truly one of the premier talents on the East Coast, he will certainly get an opportunity to shine next season and show everybody what he’s got.

T-10. Jonathan Shaw-Towson

Jon was one of the original members of Towson’s team, and now he will be leaving behind an incredible legacy.  Shaw has certainly been an emotional and passionate leader for the Tigers during his time on the team, something that can’t be easily replicated or replaced.  He has the ability to influence any game at will and did so at different occasions this season.  Towson will certainly be missing a great thrower, catcher, and leader in Jon Shaw next year.

T-10. Tim Wells-Towson

Perhaps the most astonishing thing is that Tim made this list while playing with a torn labrum for an entire season.  If he had the chance to play healthy, he would certainly be higher on this list.  Around 90% of his throws had to be reverse backhands in order to prevent any shoulder pain and he still could get plenty of kills doing that.  He is a true athlete who sells out every time he tries to make a play.  Now that he is recovering from surgery, we will wait to see if he is returning to the Towson lineup.  If so, that would be a huge addition for the Tigers.

12. David Guare-Towson

David followed his older brother’s footsteps by joining the Towson Dodgeball team his Freshman year, and he has been an impact player for them in his brief time with the team.  What makes him so dangerous is his ability to throw under cover and get kills when people aren’t paying attention.  While I don’t necessarily agree with his irrational jersey number, I can agree he is a player that has earned his spot on this list.  Guare is a rising Junior next year and will serve as an Assistant Captain.

T-13. Connor Post-JMU

Being a player from JMU, you can already assume he has a cannon of an arm. Connor also has a knack for always being in the right place at the right time. He had a real tendency to just show up in the right spot, with timely catches and clutch throws. More importantly though: Connor is one of the funniest; most laid back guys I have ever played against. If this sport was televised and had a fan base, Connor would probably have a cult following. ESPN would definitely try and have him mic’d up every time he played. Oh yeah, and I’ll reiterate the fact that he is pretty darn good, too.

T-13. Torao Ota-VCU

Seriously, everybody needs to get over the Hunter-hype and check out the rest of the guys at VCU. Torao Ota: the man that never stops smiling. Torao will throw at your feet, and give you a smile. He’ll hit you in the face, then hit you with a smile. He’ll truck you on the opening rush, then flash his pearly whites. Did I mention he never stops smiling? This man deserves to be a meme, immortalized by the Internet once and for all. Oh and he is also one of the top 15 players on the East Coast.

15. Jeff Schwartz-PSU

Rounding out the starting 15 (and the absurd number of ‘J’ names) is PSU’s Jeff Schwartz.  Schwartz was January’s Baller of the Month this past year while also serving as President for the Nittany Lions.  He has a strong and accurate arm which can pick off skilled catchers.  Without a doubt this team is better with him on the court and he will continue to make strides next year in his final season on the team.

Honorable Mentions:

Evan Eschenburg-JMU

The East Coast is seriously talented if this guy winds up as an honorable mention. Evan would be the best player on a lot of teams in the league, but this goes to show you how many talented players JMU has on their team. Even I failed to really appreciate how good he was until I watched JMU play a couple games at Nationals. Evan was making plays left and right, stepping up time and time again when JMU needed a play. Take my word for it; this guy is really really good.

Evan Bosanko-JMU

Doug Schilling’s little brother (not actually) really turned some heads this past season. I swear when I say this, Bosanko just randomly showed up one day and decided to be a beast. I don’t remember which tournament it was, but the first time I saw Bosanko play he stood out as one of the best guys on the court. He quickly became one of my favorite guys to go against, with his combination of throwing, catching, and flat out athleticism making him a constant threat. I’m willing to guess that both Evans will help lead JMU deep at Nationals next year, and we will see these guys further up this list a year from now.

Andrew Kerr-Towson

He doesn’t have a whole lot to say in the form of words, but he has a lot to say with his dodgeball abilities. Kerr had a good first season of dodgeball, and really stepped into a key role for Towson his second season. His throw is pretty scary when it doesn’t go straight into the ceiling, and he has made the scoop-catch his signature move. Now an Assistant Captain for Towson, Kerr will be looking to move further up this list and help lead Towson to another great season.

Mario Romanelli-Stevenson

A DePaul Dodgeball Society graduate student, Mario was noticed during his brief time with the team.  While he wanted to only think of himself as an administrator for the Mustangs, when he came into play he made some big catches during the year.  He will have to play a much bigger role on the team next season if Kris DeJesus will not return, but he is certainly capable of doing so.

Mitch Godfrey-UVA

Like his teammate listed above, Mitch is a graduate student at UVA who certainly is a well respected figure by his UVA teammates.  What I like a lot about Mitch was that he had no background in dodgeball before he came to UVA and still was able to make an impact for the Cavaliers.  He has a lot of raw potential as an all-around player and with some more experience could see himself higher on this list next season.

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