Season Preview: James Madison

Location: Harrisonburg, Va.jmu-logo

NCDA Region: East Coast

2013-14 Record: 19-6

National Tournament Finish: Lost to GVSU in the Semifinals

2014-15 Captains: Ben Sizemore – C, Brent Gromer – A, Taylor Wilhelm – A

Returning Varsity Players: 18

Players to Watch: In the words of Captain Ben Sizemore: “All of us.”

Overview: What can I say about JMU that has not already been said?  Yes, they are arguably the most talented team in the College Dodgeball. Continue reading

Season Preview: Towson

Location: Towson, MDtu-logo

NCDA Region: East Coast

2013-14 Record: 9-8

National Tournament Finish: Lost to UMD in the first round

2014-15 Captains: President – Sean Smith, Chris Thomas – C, Joe Tobin – A, and Jon Shaw – A

Returning Varsity Players: 14

Players to Watch: Chris Thomas, Joe Tobin, Todd Givens Jr. and Nick Coates

Overview: Towson enters their fourth year as a member of the NCDA with a bit of optimism.   Continue reading

2015 Rulebook Vote #1 – Results

Current rules all around on the three options: and Voters confirmed that teams are only allowed one 20 player roster for the duration of an Event. The full results from the Preferential election can be found in the media archive. The short gist can be found after the jump.

Please stay active and pay attention, we’re tidying up other, non game changing rules and will get them out to the Member Teams for confirmation soon.  Continue reading

Season Preview: Bowling Green State

bgsu-logoLocation: Bowling Green, Oh

NCDA Region: Ohio

2013-14 Record: 3-13

National Tournament Finish: Lost to JMU in the first round

2014-15 Captains: Tyler Broyles, Adam Hynes, Brad Masters, Jake Tripplet, as well as Presidents-Tyrell Smith and Joel Hunter.

Returning Starters: 15

Players to Watch: Joel Hunter, Tyler Broyles, and Jake Tripplet

Overview: Bowling Green will come into the new season of NCDA dodgeball as the lowest ranked team from the Ohio region.   Continue reading

Central Michigan Invite Predictions

Teams Attending: Central Michigan, Michigan State, Grand Valley State, Ohio State, Bowling Green State, Kentucky and Western Kentucky. 

These predictions were made by Kevin Bailey and myself…

Central Michigan: 4-0 

CMU will be playing all 4 out of state teams this Saturday. Due to CMU returning every one of its starters from last year, they have a strong advantage against every team they will face due to their talent level and strong team chemistry. Of their 4 matches, their most intriguing matchup will be with Ohio State, who returned many of their starters and with Kentucky, who knocked CMU out of Nationals last season.

Grand Valley: 4-0

Due to Grand Valley’s recent success on the court, it is hard to believe that they won’t go 4-0 this Saturday when they play OSU, MSU, BGSU and WKU. Although they are only returning 10 of their starters from last year, GVSU has a large JV pool they pull from each year which is certainly one of the reasons why they are able to restock their lineup year after year. Their most intriguing matchup will be against MSU. The two had close matchups all of last season, lets hope it’s just as competitive as it has been in years past. Continue reading

Season Preview: Saginaw Valley State

Location: Saginaw, MIsvsu-logo

NCDA Region: Michigan

2013-14 Record: 22-6

National Tournament Finish: Lost to GVSU in Championship Game

2014-15 Captains: Nathan Council – C, Max Siler – A, Blake Grivetti – A

Returning Starters: 9

Players to Watch: Cody Putnam, Kyle Foster, Nathan Council – C, Max Siler – A, Blake Grivetti – A

Overview: SVSU has historically been an elite team in the NCDA. Continue reading

Season Preview: Ohio State

Location: Columbus, Oh.osu-logo

NCDA Region: Ohio

2013-14 Record: 7-8

National Tournament Finish: Lost to WKU in the first round

2014-15 Captains: Josh Conner – C, Jeff Starr – A, Marshall Winterbotham – A

Returning Starters: 14

Players to Watch: Chris Stringer, Nick Fausnight, Paul Peters, Sam Palumbo, Dan Grainger, Noah Brown, Nico Wong, Josh Conner – C, Jeff Starr – A, and Marshall Winterbotham – A

Overview: Ohio State enters the 2014-15 season with a bit more hype than most teams that lost in the first round of the national tournament.   Continue reading

Season Preview: Kentucky

Kentucky-LogoLocation: Lexington, Ky.

NCDA Region: Kentucky

2013-14 Record: 6-7

National Tournament Finish: Lost to SVSU in the Quarterfinals

2014-15 Captains: Brandon Engelman – C

Returning Starters: 8

Players to Watch: Zac Brown #13, Brandon Engelman #23, Drew Greenawalt #37

Overview: The NCDA’s National Tournament will make it’s way back to the state of Kentucky for the second time in three seasons in 2015 when it is hosted by Western Kentcuky. Continue reading

2015 Rulebook Vote #1

Good people,

The first round of voting for the 2015 Rulebook covers major changes and redefinition of our brand of dodgeball. Each Member Team has one vote. We will need 12 Member Teams to vote to achieve a quorum, hopefully we can get all 22 full Member Teams to provide their input on this.

Please fill out the form, this will serve as your Member Team’s ballot. And please submit it as soon as possible. We have a match coming up.


Season Preview: Maryland

Location: College Park, MDumd-logo

NCDA Region: East Coast

2013-14 Record: 9-10

National Tournament Finish: Lost to GVSU in the Quarterfinals

2014-15 Captains: Dylan Allred – C, Tyler Wieland – A, Steve Via -A, Cody Hance -A

Returning Varsity Players: 15

Players to Watch: Rohan Mittal, Mike Cariello, Tyler Wieland, Curtis Reybold

Overview:  Maryland will enter the season with higher expectations than ever before. Continue reading

Season Preview: Michigan State


MSU Sophomore Noe Galaviz will be expected to lead the Spartans to another Final Four appearance and maybe more this season. Photo Credit – Nicole Bailey


Location: East Lansing, Mich.

NCDA Region: Michigan

2013-14 Record: 10-13

National Tournament Finish: Lost to SVSU in the Semifinals

2014-15 Captains: Colin O’Brien #18 – C, Andy Lieblich #20 – A, Alex Zajac #27 – A

Returning Varsity Players: 20 (18 from Nationals)

Players to Watch: Colin O’Brien #18 – C, Andy Lieblich #20 – A, Alex Zajac #27 – A, Noe Galaviz, & Charlie Wilshire

Overview: For a team that has never won an NCDA National Championship, the Michigan State Dodgeball program has built up quite the resume. Continue reading