Season Preview: Central Michigan

Location: Mount Pleasant, Mich.cmu-logo

NCDA Region: Michigan

2013-14 Record: 8-13

National Tournament Finish: Lost to Kentucky in the first round

2014-15 Captains: Wes Peters-C, Brett Hadwin-C, Scott La Valley-A, and Zach Bachner-A

Returning Varsity Players: Every player returns for CMU

Players to Watch: Wes Peters-C, Brett Hadwin-C, Scott La Valley-A, Zach Bachner-A, Michael Heller #77 , Tyler Prill #21, Shane Willette #69, and Ian Ryan #14.

Captain Wes Peters will look to lead CMU this year as they look to rebound from a first round exit at Nationals last season.

Captain Wes Peters will look to lead CMU this year as they look to rebound from a first round exit at Nationals last season.

Overview:  Central Michigan comes into the 2014-15 season in an interesting position. Continue reading

2015 Exec Board: Election & Candidate Info

We will begin the election as of this post, and officially it will run until Thursday night, giving teams ample time to submit their ballots. I will start bugging people Tuesday afternoon to submit their votes, so we might complete the election sooner rather than later.The NCDA uses a preferential voting system, where candidates are ranked based on preference, and the Votes are public record. The results will be released after the conclusion of the election. Voting is open to all current Member Teams. If there is any confusion, please ask.

For each Office, rank the candidates by your order of preference. Please email one complete ballot to League email (, the votes will be counted and verified by the last Director of Nationals, Jude DuPart [OSU Alum].

Office of the President:
[ ] Dylan Fettig [GVSU Current]
[ ] Zigmas Maloni [DePaul Alum]

Office of the Treasurer:
[ ] Felix Perrone [WKU Alum]

Director of League Expansion:
[ ] Dylan Fettig [GVSU Current]
[ ] Mike McCarthy [SHU Current]

Chief of Content:
[ ] Kevin Bailey [GVSU Current]
[ ] Sean Smith [TU Current]

I asked each candidate to write a little something for this. So if you require more information, each candidate was sorted alphabetically and describes in their own words…

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Ranking the Regions

The National Collegiate Dodgeball Association is not yet to the point where participating schools can be categorized into “conferences” like what the NCAA has done with college athletics.  For now, every team can identify with a certain region, instead of claiming membership to a “division” or “conference”.  As it stands in the NCDA right now, there are five regions: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and East Coast.  Here is my power rankings of the NCDA’s five regions: Continue reading

Nominations for 2015 Exec Board

Captains and Officers:

On the forum you’ll find a couple things relating to the Executive Board. These are very broad overviews of the in-progress Constitution, but the 2014 Board thought they were necessary to establish before voting on the 2015 Board.
First: the board itself. President, Treasurer, Director of League Expansion, Chief of Content, Director of Nationals.

Any new nominations (or declines) on the 2015 Executive Board now that we have established the positions? Nominations since Nationals 2014

  • President: Zigmas Maloni [DePaul Alum]
  • Treasurer: Felix Perrone [WKU Alum]
  • Chief of Content: Sean Smith [TU-Pres], Kevin Bailey [GVSU-C?]
  • Director of League Expansion: Dylan Fettig [GVSU-A?], Troy Dixon[DePaul Alum], Alex Swedowski [UWP Alum], Michael Patrick McCarthy[SHU-C?]
  • Director of Nationals: Nick Johnson [WKU] and Asst Director of Nationals (non-voting): Hunter Dickerson [WKU]

and apologies if i forgot someone. Please get their name as soon as possible.

BOTM July: Joe Tobin

1276298_10202009328733212_1655015446_o (2)

[Towson, #5]

Joe Tobin has been a staple of Towson’s Dodgeball team since our inception into the NCDA. He was the first of us to successfully pick up on what pinching is, and since then he’s cannon of a right arm has been taking people out all over the place. Even when Towson has bad games, Joe has consistently been there to help pick us up or bail us out of bad situations. With his selection of July’s Baller of the Month, I had a chat with Joe to see how he feels about the nomination, among many other things. Continue reading

BOTM: 2014 June

Brent Gromer [JMU-00]

The National Collegiate Dodgeball Association’s June Baller of the Month is James Madison’s Brent Gromer.  Brent had a strong performance at Nationals 2014 in April, after recovering from an injury to his ACL and medial meniscus that kept him on the sidelines for most of the season.  In his three seasons in this league, Brent has transitioned from an unknown player, to one of the best all-around dodgeball players in the NCDA.  His strong performance at the end of last season earned him 1st-Team All-NCDA honors (Brent was the #6 player on the list, and the top selection from the East Coast Region).  Brent Gromer is very deserving of the honor of “Baller of the Month”.  Here is my interview with the star player from James Madison: Continue reading

Comparing Nationals Pools to World Cup Pools



Photo retrieved from:

As I’m sure everyone is well aware of, the World Cup is underway. After watching the first set of pool play games and getting a better sense of how good every team is, I thought it would be fun to come up with some mock NCDA groups that could potentially mirror groups A-H in Brazil. Continue reading

A Look to the Past, and Ahead to the Future

The NCDA has done a lot of growing in the past few years. Not only in size, but in talent as well. While the league may still be dominated by the state of Michigan, it is clear that things are slowly evening out. With these changes come other ones that most people may wish didn’t have to happen. This year held a graduating class of legendary proportions in my personal opinion. With all of these members moving on to bigger and better things, it only seems appropriate to reflect on the past, and look to the future of the league. Continue reading

“Way-Too-Early Top 20″ for the 2014-15 Season

ncda_logoThe 2014-15 College Dodgeball season is still many months away, but if you are like me, you are already looking forward to the coming season.  Much like makes annual “Way-Too-Early Top 25” lists for college football and basketball; I will be giving my list of the top 20 teams in the NCDA for next year.

I know for a fact that not everyone will agree with my rankings, so feel free to post your own opinions in the comment section below.  Here is my Way-Too-Early Top 20 for the NCDA’s 2014-15 season: Continue reading

Contact List Summer Update!

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