JAMES MADISON – UREC: SVSU goes 4-1 including 1 OT Loss, Kent 4-1, JMU 3-2-1OTL, Miami 2-2, WKU 2-2, TU 1-4, and VCU 0-4 in the Big East Appalachian Super Tournament II [BEAST II] JMU def TU 3-0
Miami def VCU 5-1
WKU def SVSU 3-2 OT
JMU def Miami 5-1
TU def VCU 6-0
SVSU def Kent 3-0
WKU def VCU 5-1
SVSU def JMU 2-1 OT
Kent def TU 2-0
JMU def WKU 4-0
SVSU def Miami 4-1
Kent def VCU 4-0
Miami def TU 3-1
Kent def WKU 4-0
Kent def JMU 1-0
SVSU def TU 1-0 (Called early for travel reasons)

The following are Upsets on my personal predictions for the event:WKU def SVSU 3-2 OT
SVSU def Kent 3-0
SVSU def JMU 2-1 OT
Miami def TU 3-1
Kent def JMU 1-0
12 of 17 70.5%

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