Ultimate Dodgeball Qualifiers

411773228_640With the championship of the Ultimate Dodgeball Champioinship being aired (tape delayed) on FSN, qualifiers begin in early August at Skyzones across the US. For the uninitiated, Ultimate Dodgeball is called “3D Dodgeball”. You play at a Skyzone location on trampolines, and you can get a taste of how it’s played here. Here’s a list of locations in NCDA territory:

  • Buffalo, NY
  • Canton, MI
  • Columbus, OH
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Fishers, IN
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Louisville, KY
  • Oaks, PA
  • Plainfield, IN
  • Springdale, OH

You can download the Tournament Info and the Rules as well.

The tournament is open to anyone 16+ and the cost is $50 per team. Your team can have up to 8 people, however only 5 play at a time. The qualifiers are held 08/01/13-08/04/13. If a team wins their qualifier tournament, then they are eligible to make the championship in Las Vegas.

The selection process is based on stats and popular vote. Of the 33 qualifying tournaments, only 8 teams will make it to the final tournament. Seven of those teams are based on statistics (win percentage, average game time, players left on the field at the end of the game), and the last spot is given based on a Facebook poll.

If you get to the Final Tournament, there is a Round Robin tournament to set up the Championship bracket (think Nationals), and then the next day the Championship occurs. Making it to the Final Tournament gets your team a cool $2,000, but winning it earns your team $20,000.

If any NCDAers compete in the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship Qualifiers, let us know!


Author: hiller87

Former Captain of the MSU Club Dodgeball Team, former NCDA Chief of Content.

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Dodgeball Qualifiers”

  1. Just an FYI… the links in this article were re-directing me back to the NCDA homepage and not out to the Ultimate Dodgeball website. Additionally I was watching those reruns on Fox Sports Detroit, and I was impressed with the speed of the game given the close quarters and only 5v5 action.

  2. I’ve contacted some old players from WKU about getting an alumni team together for the qualifying tournament in Louisville. I see myself in a Patches O’Houlihan type role, scarf and all.

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