Top 5 Uniforms in the NCDA

This list will without a doubt spark some controversy, and I’m totally okay with that.  As we continue our top 5 series, I bring you today the top 5 uniforms in college dodgeball.  Feel free to comment if you disagree with my list.  I’m sure there are varying opinions out there.

(Next List Up: Top 5 Overall Players for 2016-17… coming July 24th)

1. DePaul

I mean really, you can’t beat DePaul in this category.  These uniforms are unique, detailed, and classic.  The triple threat.  I really had no trouble determining who got #1 on this list because it is a clear choice.  The assortment of DePaul Dodgeball uniforms is rivaled by no one in college dodgeball.

2. Towson

Towson gets the nod at #2 on this list thanks to their variety.  TU is still a young team in this league, but they have had so many different uniforms already.  Should we start calling them the Oregon of college dodgeball? Maybe.

3. Grand Valley State

I may be biased here, but GVSU deserves a spot on this list. Quite a few uniform combos have come and gone for the Lakers.  One thing has remained the same, GVSU has stuck with Adidas (the official athletic brand for the school).  I have to say, the white jerseys were partially my idea, and they look beautiful, complete with stars on the sleeves representing each National Title GVSU has won.

4. Baldwin Wallace

This squad may be new, but they are making noise with their fresh new uniforms from the 2015-16 season.  I have nothing but good things to say about this bold look that BW is pulling off.


5. James Madison

There’s just something about the color purple…

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

One thought on “Top 5 Uniforms in the NCDA”

  1. – While the Municipal Flag on the side panel is obvious, the Y motif on DePaul’s baby blue Alt Jerseys is Chicago’s Municipal Device, a symbol representing the intersection of the Chicago river. An old civic symbol you’d find on many old buildings and some city logos.
    – The light blue itself is a nod to something I call Municipal Blue. It’s pretty big color representing city services and notably present on our garbage trucks.
    – Dodgeguy has been present on each iteration of DePaul Dodgeball’s gear since the first spraypaint jerseys from Nationals 2005.
    – First basketball jersey utilized by a dodgeball team (c. 2008)
    – Second round of basketball jerseys were basically our basketball team’s candy stripe jerseys.
    – Numbering/lettering uses the Chicago Bears style rounded number typeface.

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